Saturday, April 11, 2009

Short Update.

Well, my life has not been exciting. So there reallyhasn't been anything to talk about. Tony was temporarily laid off. He'll be going back to work soon. It's been a challenge juggling bills and everything else on unemployment. But, I must say, I am so greatful that God keeps supplying everything we need. We are never without. That and Tony has been working on projects in the house that kept getting put off. He's ripped out a wall upstairs and built a new closet in our bedroom with a linen closet on one end. We've decided not to open the bathroom into the new hallway and just keep it as a private access in our bedroom. So, I guess, in a weird way we've created a 'master suite'. We are still planning on ripping that bathroom to pieces and refinishing it in slate and the like.....but that is for a time with more money coming in. Tony has at least gotten the plumbing fixed up there and the shower is now functioning. Yay for accomplishing things on the 'honey-do' list.

Other than that, my crocheting/knitting projects have been sort of slow going since finishing Ash. He was so time-consuming and god-awful boring to make that I had to walk away from designing, temporarily. I have a Pokemon Vulpix about a 1/3 of the way done. But, then I had some 'emergency' jewelry to make. I made a lovely glass pearl necklace. I need to get a picture of it, it's really pretty. Then I had a swarovski bracelet to make for my mom for a friend of hers.

The mitered squares baby afghan that I've been working on has finally come to an exciting part. I got the squares done, blocked and ready to go. Then I had to take a few days to wrap my mind around the mattress stitch. In my mind I had worked it into some evil thing. But, then, once I mulled it over in my head for a while and 'sewed' the pieces together in my wasn't so scary. So, last night, I sat down to work on it and it went together so easy that I finished sewing all of them today. Now all I have to do is finish the border and we're good to go. I plan on displaying it in the store as a sample of Vanna's Baby yarn. It's turning out really cute. I'll have to make sure I get a picture of it and put it on here. Just remember, when I don't have pictures, it's cuz my camera died. A long, slow death. It had been coming for a year or so...poor thing. Anyway, that means I have to borrow my daughter's and to put it simply, I hate her camera. I need to buy a new one.

Other than that, there really is nothing new. Spring is sssstttiiillll working its way here. Days are coldish/warmish. You usually need a sweatshirt, but you can get too warm quickly. The sun has been very bright. The birds sing everyday. Tony and the kids are regularly outside throwing the ball around. The dog 'chases' the baseball out into the field...when its not even being thrown in that direction, he just thinks it is. It's quite hilarious to watch him. He bounces along watching for the ball to hit, then he realizes that it wasn't thrown, comes back and does the exact same thing again. We don't call him 'dippy-dog' for nothing.

later gators...


  1. Hey, so sorry to hear about Tony getting laid off!! Let me know if you need anything, especially any yarn. I'd be happy to mail it to you! :) I'll be praying and know that you are awesome!

  2. biz, i'm too lazy to get into my email at the minute.... i've been thinking of you guys. how are things? how are you? how's the job front/tony? i'd love to hear how things are going for y'all...
    much love and hugs.


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