Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Catching Up

Hi there.

Been a while again. Life is always so busy. Sometimes I don't know with what...but it seems to keep me hopping.

I have finished working on a blanket I was designing. I have not finished working on a toy I was designing. I have made a few baby hats for charity. I have made a few dishcloths for a wedding gift. I have this deep desire to "MAKE" something. Ever get that really deep desire to be working on an awesome project, but you either can't find any inspirations in the thousands of patterns you have, OR you find something and start working on it only to realize you really don't want to make it? That's where I'm at right now. So I continue to work on piddly projects to keep my hands busy.

We have finally received our first installment of Summer here in the Northwoods. It was in the 80's yesterday, I think. Maybe it was just the 70's, but felt like the 80's because it's been in the 30's for the first half of June!! I finally have most of my garden planted. Tony is building me two more boxes this week and we have to mix the last batch of soil together, then I'm good to go. Here's what I have planted so far:
Cheddar Cauliflower; Red Cabbage; Swiss Chard; Sweet Red, Bibb and Green Ice Lettuces; White Radishes; Jalapeno, Sweet Banana, and Sweet Bell Peppers; Zucchini; Eggplant; Slicing Cucumbers; Pole Beans; Sugar Snap Peas; Yellow Pear Tomatoes (sp?); Yellow Onions; Genovese Basil; Greek and Italian Oregano; Rosemary; Pineapple and Regular Sage; Spearmint;
(I think that's it for the current three boxes). What I have left to plant is 3 Celebrity Tomatoes, 2 Better Boy Tomatoes and 2 Brandy Wine Tomatoes. Those I am putting into pots because the plants are just too big for my boxes already. The two new boxes are going to house the rest of my climbing plants and the remainder of what I want to plant. I have two more eggplants, a cucumber and two cantaloupes that have to go in yet. I am picking up another couple different varieties of peppers at the local greenhouse this week. (We eat alot of peppers, and I want to make salsa this year) As well as, some red onion starters and some potato starters. This is the largest garden I have ever put in in my entire life. And it's taking up all of about 72 square feet. We are doing the Square Foot Gardening method this year. I'm loving it so far. Things are growing and thriving. I have had to tear out about 15 weeds in about two weeks. And they were super duper tiny. I was going to forego putting in this garden this year and my girlfriend Heidi kept bringing it up to me, cuz she wanted to do it.....and I'm SOOOO glad she did. This kind of gardening is addicting. I have so many plans for flower boxes and extra stuff next year. If I get the harvest that they predict I will...then I will be feeding about 5 families with my little garden. Praise God!

Ok. Other than that, my work schedule has changed once again. I am now two days a week at the office and three days a week at my store. My mom has been in Florida for two weeks (she comes home tomorrow, thank God!) and has gotten all relaxed and rested. I am glad for her. She has had a good time. Stefani has been working the store for me while I am at my other job. She has done a bang up job. I'm super proud of her. I can't believe I have a child old enough to work a job!

I should stop chattering now. Gotta go do the "gettin' ready" stuff. Stefani has morning lifting practices for a meet she is competing at in July in Wisconsin Dells and it's my turn to pick her up from pracitice this morning. And while I am not a terribly vain person....I am not letting the rest of the world see me like this. This is the special look I save for my loved ones. They've gotten over the shock.

P.S. I am reading Atlas Shrugged finally. Just have to say for the time period it was written in...makes you wonder if Ayn Rand wasn't a fortune teller or a psychic.


  1. hi! love the new 'do!!! :)
    i'm so jealous of your garden.. i'm definitely going to do a SF garden next year!!!
    hope you guys are well!!

  2. I don't know how I found your blog but am loving it! It seems we have much in common--a love of crochet, God, freedom, square foot gardening and homeschooling!! And I can so relate to searching through mountains of patterns for some inspiration but settling in on a project that only serves to keep your hands busy:) Keep up the inspiration!!


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