Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Time Flies..

..when you are having fun, right?

Well, this morning as I was enjoying yet another perfect cup of coffee and having my devotions, I noticed that my Mountain Ash tree in my front yard has beautiful orange berries all over it. (I've tried to find a picture...but blogger won't let them load today.) This is the tree that the environmental activists came through a few years ago and marked as a 'tree at risk' because a birdie moves in and lives in its trunk every year. They went through our whole town cutting down "at risk" trees...finding out that some of the oldest and most beautiful were perfectly fine. But, now they're gone and there is a new, twiggy looking tree in it's place. Never mind that they just cut down a perfectly good 100 year old tree.

OK, I'm done ranting...back to our Mountain Ash that they didn't cut down...

Seems like a week or two ago it was beginning to bud. Then it was filled with flowers. Then **BAM** just like that..we have orange berries.

That can mean only one thing. Deer. Every night. In my yard. Driving the dog insane. (the naughty dog that has earned himself a life on the leash, because he runs away every single day.)

Then we will have massive flocks of birds in our yard eating the berries. It's quite the smorgasbord, apparently.

Oh and let's not forget. Cold is coming. Soon.

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