Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Week's Garden Work - Picture Heavy

Ok, folks. Whether you wanted to know about it or decided to show you what I did last weekend.

We start with a trailer full of "poop dirt". It's from the manure pile of the farm of a good friend. Lush, rich soil. :) This picture is showing half the amount of dirt that we started with. lol. So we had a lot! I really needed to freshen up my beds with some new dirt. They were looking so sad and really packed down. Since these pictures were taken we had some seriously humid, wet, hot weather and the garden loved it. Everything grew at least 1/2"-1".

Bed #1- Left side: Celery, Middle: Lettuces, a Cheddar Cauliflower and 2 Eggplants in the back by the trellis. Right side: Pansies and 3 more Cheddar Cauliflowers.

Bed #2- Left Side: Red Bell Peppers, Middle: Nasturtiums, Banana Peppers, Hot Salsa Pepper, Summer Squash and Zucchini, Right Side: More Hot Salsa Peppers and a Green Bell Pepper.

Bed #3- Left Side: Yellow Pear Tomatoes, Middle: Kellogg's Orange & Green Zebra Tomatoes, Cucumber, Right Side: Nasturtium and a Kellogg's Orange Tomato

Bed #4- Roma Tomatoes, Cantaloupe, Some big red slicing type tomato (can't remember the name), Chives and Purple Onions.

Bed #5- "Sorcerer" Pumpkin, so far.
We dug up all the weeds surrounding the lilac (that in 8 years, has never bloomed, tyvm), then filled in with poop dirt and planted some columbines on the right side and 3 varieties of basil, 1 oregano, thyme and Sage on the left side. In the background, you see my very, very sad front steps. They must be replaced this year.
Now for some basic "Flower's About The Home" pictures.
First up we have the carnations my beautiful children gave me for Mother's Day. They are still hanging on as I type. Not nearly as vibrant as when this picture was taken....but still smell pretty good. Carnations are my favorite flower. :) The white ones in this bouquet were particularly fragrant.
My "Christmas" Cactus that really has no idea what time of year it is. It usually blooms at Easter and Thanksgiving....but, this year I got a little pop of color in between. :)
Bonfire Begonia. Funky. Original. Pretty.
Columbine. Sweet. I have them in a pink/yellow mix and I have one waiting to be transported to my mom's in a lovely purple.
My daughter's Fuschia plant. She fell in love at the Greenhouse and really, who could blame her?
Beautiful, dusky Pansies.
Last, but not least, Purple Iris. Faithful. Pain in my Butt. Took over the side of my house and we get about 20 flowers a season. lol

Ok. So that's it for today. I really do have to get some work done! lol Hope you enjoyed a trip through my garden.


  1. i loved touring your garden!!! i'm so jealous!!!

  2. Loved my trip thru your garden. Gave me some inspiration to do something with mine. Well, I am going yarn shopping today, so maybe plant shopping tomorrow???

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