Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Silliness

At the wedding we attended on Saturday they had something called a Shutterbox for their guests. Basically, a photo booth from the mall that you can actually fit adults into. (Have you ever tried to fit your booty into one of those mall ones with your kids?? What a joke!)

First up we have Daddy (a.k.a. Tony) and Teo....the macho, macho men.

Next, the whole family. We got a smidge off-center, lol.

Awww. Romantic. Tony and Biz.

(I'm thinking we could have thought of another pose for the third picture. But, I was currently in a snit with, ya take what you can get. LOL)

Here is Biz with Stefani and Teo. Yes, they Lord it over me that I am smaller than them. Their favorite line is : "Just let me get it, Mom, you're arms and legs are too stubby." HOW did I make it to 38 without them?!?

Last, but definitely not least, Daddy and Stefani. What a coupla hams.....
Congratulations Melissa & Alan!! And thanks for all the great memories!!


  1. what a fun thing for wedding guests! love the silliness that comes out! i really like the top/dress you're wearing, purty! and hehe on the stubby arms/legs comments!! that's what you get marrying a tall guy!


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