Saturday, July 17, 2010

I. Want. It.

Tony and I are on sort of a honeymooner's weekend away. It is our 17th wedding anniversary next weekend and it is Tony's 20th High School Reunion this weekend. So we just combined the two and are staying at a lovely Super 8 (I know, that's usually an oxymoron, but I'll tell you more in a minute) in Waukesha for the weekend. Well, we wanted to get out of the room and do some toodling. After all, we are in our old stomping grounds.

We cruised down Hwy 100. Used to do that almost every Friday night in high school. Except it was at night, we were teenagers AND it wasn't in a mini-van. LOL. It was the coolest thing to grab a couple of girlfriends....especially one with access to a car....and go cruise Hwy 100 in hopes of meeting someone. Oh. Please. We just drove around staring into other people's cars!! LOL. I wonder if they still do that nowadays.

Then we went to Mayfair Mall. WOW has that place changed. I love that mall! Anyway, all of that to say that there is an Apple store in the Mayfair Mall. No lie, it was THE busiest store in the mall. There had to be 10-15 reps in the store and gobs of people. And we're not talking a big store. Maybe the size of an Aeropostale? We looked at it with much trepidation but then decided to brave the crowd and go get some questions answered. At first we walked in and looked at the iMac books (laptops). Of course, I didn't know the first thing about what all of the numbers and letters mean in reference to the size of Ram and Gigabytes and all that hoo-hoo. I have to have somebody say...yep, that's a good computer with lots and lots of memory (cuz I will fill it)...and I'm good to go! lol. Anyway, with that many people and not understanding what anything was...I was becoming discouraged FAST. So I mustered up my very outgoing personality and walked over to the nearest non-busy rep. Happened to be a super sweet college kid named Jason. He stood there and told us all about the iMac. Showed us how it operated. Walked us through every super cool function. Needless to say...I. fell. in. love.

Every future techy-fantasy is going to have an iMac computer in it. Sitting on my desk. Smiling at me. :)


Ok, further information on the lovely Super 8. I have never been a 'fan' of things like or, etc. I thought they were nothing but a joke. Well, I have been proven wrong. So very, very wrong. I went to to "see" what I could find for hotels in Waukesha for this weekend. Well, I found rooms at several hotels that looked ok. Some were cheaper, but had bad reviews on the hotel. This one was a lower price end, but still decent hotel. So, I went ahead and booked. Only down fall is that you have to pay for it right then when you book it and you don't get your money back if you change your mind. So, in essence, don't change your mind. Be very sure of what you want before you say yes! lol. Anyway, we had no clue what we were going to have for a room. Just hoping it was clean and not run down too much. (We don't seem to have alot of success with Super 8's and the one in our home town?...wouldn't stay there....) Anyway, back to the hotel. When we got here it was an extremely easy check-in with friendly staff and then we walked into a huge, clean, king sized suite with a separated bathroom, wet bar w/fridge, micro, etc. I never gave the cost of the room a thought until Tony came out of the bathroom and said "Biz, you gotta come see this!" Posted on the back of the door were the rates for the room. This room goes for $199/night. I paid $124 for a two nights stay on . The only thing I had to provide was a cc at check in for incidentals. I know there won't be any incidentals, so no big deal. Plus, if you watch what you are doing...there is something called "welcome rewards". Not every hotel provides them. What they do is after 10 stays, you earn a free night. Which is pretty handy for us, cuz we travel quite a bit. :)

K. Gotta go shower and get ready for the reunion tonight.
Talk later!