Friday, August 13, 2010

It's been 11 days.

I opened up another blog about weight loss and it seems like ever since I did that I haven't been here. When I feel like saying something random...I go there. I'm feeling neglectful! And I'm so sorry for that!

I have been working steadily on the "coming soon" pattern. I'm about 5/8 done. (5/8 is such a random number). I have two or three little things to make to complete it and then it will be ready to post. I have been working on it here at my desk. So some days I am up to my eyeballs in tiny hooks, large eye needles and polyester fiberfill. And now that a few of them have been completed they sit on my desk and look at me every day, reminding me to keep going. I think you guys have figured it out by now...I made a barn. But, not just any's a new toy bag with characters!! :) Currently, I have completed a little farmer who, through my less-than-stellar embroidery skills, looks like a cross-eyed Amish boy. And a very tall, brown horse named Chuck. He got a little long in the making. lol I still love them, they are adorable! I am next making a chicken and a pig for sure. I still haven't decided if I want to tackle a cow...I think I may, but she's not going to be a Holstein...too many color changes! We do have some interesting cows locally that have a wide white stripe through the middle of them. Apparently they are called Dutch Belted Cow or the "Oreo Cow". (I just learned that through Google. lol) Maybe I'll make one of those!

I'm going to stop rambling about my maybe's...and get back to work!


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM, I must say, after reading this entry, I think I will really love your blog. I am going to post the URL on my profile, of my blog.
    A little cross-eyed amish boy...Hehe...Name him JedidEYE-AHHH!
    Oreo cows huh...Now, I want cookies and milk. Hehe!

  2. AWWW! So cool, Thank you! a catchy


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