Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Need To Talk

I need to talk. Vent. Spew. Purge.

I am watching a person that I know (not closely) destroy things around her. I used to have her on Facebook. I removed her today because I cannot deal with the victim mentality anymore. Everything is everyone else's fault. She takes no blame and refuses that there are consequences for her behaviors. Her latest was about "We will stand. We will not back down. We will fight to protect those being hurt by these people." I knew right away what it was about...even as cryptic as the message may seem. She feels like a certain group of people are destroying the lives of others. She doesn't see the part she played/plays in any of it. She doesn't see the things that happen behind the scenes to correct past wrongs. She hasn't seen the price the other people have paid for the mistakes that were made and there hasn't been any public humiliation of these people, so she feels like nothing has been done. She says she is 'trying to forgive'. Except that everything out of her mouth is laced with bitterness, anger and grudge. Watching her reminds me to daily forgive people, immediately. Thankfully, this person is not a person that is even in my same town. Nor do I have to deal with her on a daily basis for any reason. So her negativity should be very easy to avoid without having her on Facebook. However, I know she is out there spreading slander about these other people. *disturbed*

I have watched so many things happen in ministry. I have been on the butt-end of alot of ticked off people holding a grudge over something that is easily corrected. The latent removal of all things 'moral' in this country has led to a generation of people that walk into a church setting with the attitude of "you have no right to tell me what morality or values should be" and go on about living the life they choose. My question is this: Why did you come to church if you had already decided that you were not going to take on the morals and values of the Word of God? Is church just something you think you need to do to feel better about yourself? Whose values and morals are you going to live by, if not by God's? Don't get me wrong, it is your choice whose morals you live by.....but if you are coming to a God-centered church and have no intention of living by God's morals and values....why are you there?!?

I feel very introspective. I'm tired of the bull crap surrounding me. I just want to look these people in the eyes and yell at the top of my lungs: GROW UP!!!

/off rant

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