Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crafter's Block

Ever since proclaiming I am going back to the drawing board with the Frog Pond Bag I have been in a perpetual state of "Crafter's Block".

**I want to knit gloves and mittens. Can't decide where to start (even though I have the yarn I want to use and the bag of dpn needles sitting right there with the new book I picked up last week). No ambition.

**I want to make socks....pretty socks....warm, wool socks....I have the supplies! Not happening.

**I want to remake the bag. No desire to even dig it out.

What is wrong with me? Maybe I have too much going on?

School, Homework, Real work-which is getting busy with the heating season starting, Obsessive canning every few nights (salsa's, apple butter, jams, etc), Baking pitas and granola on the weekends........the ever-present free online mahjongg game (lol), facebook, emailing....

What is getting in the way??

Ok. Nevermind. My whole darn life is getting in the way! LOL!! This must stop!

Lawd, help me!


  1. It's in the air! I'm going back and forth between 3 projects and not getting much done on any of them. Must be a virus causing this crochet attention deficit! Good luck with your projects.

  2. Sometimes I just do a little on each thing I have hanging to move them forward and before long I have some of the smaller projects finished. I am working on your castle right now for a set of fairy tale finger puppets I am making for Christmas. I do a little and put it aside.

    My knitting is so bad I crocheted a bat dish cloth with half the pattern on one side and the other on the other side and had to pull the whole thing out since I can never figure out how to fix my knitting mistakes.

    We all go through those times. Just don't let it get to you.

  3. Hmmm... I've seen that ailment before. It's not as rare as you think. The remedy is a simple one:

    One (1) Vacation in the Caribbean.

    That will cure you, for sure and for certain!


  4. funny tonight as i sat in my favorite chair to check my farm on fb i said to the hubby "i should really be making those baby hats and booties tonight." yeah no booties were made tonight. no hats either, but my farm is doing great


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