Friday, September 24, 2010

Hat Turned Swatch

I finally came out of my funk this week and decided I was going to try my hand at working with the hand-dyed mystery wool I picked up in Bayfield at the beginning of the month.

I broke out the size 6 bamboo dpn's (they are the only ones that I own that have 5 to a pkg) and cast on 80 stitches, 20 per needle. I thought...gads...80 stitches should be plenty for an adult size hat. Um, no. Try, small child.

As I knit right along I was falling in love with it. I even got all crazy and threw in a few segments of leftover llama/mix/handspun that I had picked up at a different craft fair about 4 years ago. I even made some baby cables in there. Ya know, just me being all awesome and stuff and showing off my crazy knitting skills. *rolling eyes* I don't have crazy knitting skills, folks. You have no idea how I struggle through cables. I love, love, love the way they look...I do not love, love, love making them. I either have the wrong size cable needle, hence the 'slipping' that occurs frequently causing me to "Ahhh!! Nobody MOVE! I dropped a needle!!"....(my family loves it) OR I just suck at making cables and end up making them out to be WAY harder than they need to be. Either way, it's a handicap for me.

So anywho, I noticed that the hat just did not seem to be of adult proportions right about the beginning of the gray llama yarn. But, I thought to myself, "oh I'll just make this a child's cap", until I got done with the gray and went a little on the green and wanted to start decreasing. My inner knitter cried out, "NO!! This is all wrong! This is supposed to be an adult hat!" I could not continue. I would be living a lie. Lord knows I have more than enough yarn to make this adult hat. (how many stitches???) This little hat became a practice swatch that will be taken apart.

Frogging commenced and I have neat little balls of yarn waiting to be re-knit into my happy little wool hat. I'm making it up as I go, so who knows what it's gonna look like..??

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  1. i have yet to be brave enough to try dpns. i knit, well kind of. i know the basics but that's about it. love the colors of this project, can't wait to see what it turns out to be. glad you're out of the funk, i feel myself slipping into the blahs, and i'm trying to fight it.


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