Thursday, September 02, 2010

I Need Your Opinion

I have created a bag. Except when I look at it, I don't love it.

I will explain what it represents and then I want your honest opinion. No matter how harsh or cruel or judgemental....I KID!! I KID!! Really, I want your opinion on this bag.

It is supposed to represent a little frog pond. The blue represents the water. The varied green "leaves" represent the long grasses you find in a pond and then there is a lily pad and some water lillies on the side. It is all held together with a draw string. My family says that it is adorable. I am afraid that they are just being nice.

So you, crafting community...tell me the truth and don't hold back! What do you really think of this bag?


  1. I like it. I think if I were to make it I would make the grass a little thinner. Other than that I think it's perfect!

  2. I like it. On first sight I though maybe you should make the grass thinner, but then I looked again. I think it looks great, but maybe make the grass all in the lighter green.

  3. It is cute! It would be nice if you could find a frog pin, button or whatever to put on the lily pad. Just a suggestion. It's cute the way it is too. :)

  4. Colors are beautiful. especially the greens. Only the placement of the lillies & the pad is too symmetric.
    Maybe you can place the flowers at the end of the drawstrings.

    Love your ideas. Keep posting more
    - Smrithy

  5. honestly, i had no idea what it was... it's okay, but honestly, I don't like the round pink things on the sides.

    yikes, am I banished from the Royal Blog?

  6. Anonymous6:13 PM

    i think it is adorable. The only thing missing is the frog.

  7. it's okay. it's a little 'busy' for my tastes... i love the long leaf shapes, and the way you textured the water.... though i would've probably done some things different (blue bottom, different flower designs)
    it DOES need a frog though :)

  8. Hahaha!! Thank you for all of your opinions! This is exactly what I wanted. Somebody elses eyes...

    I have to answer each of you.

    Kristine- Thanks so much for your comments! I made the grass a little fatter because it was meant to have a little bit of a cartoony feel to it. It does take a minute to grow on you, though. And I did consider making it all the same lighter green, but I chose the darker colors because when I looked at the picture that I chose for inspiration, it had all different greens in it.

    Sharon- Thanks for your suggestion! I really like that idea. I think it would help to tie it together.

    Sab- Thank you for pointing out my chronic symmetrical tendencies!! LOL. My tastes in things are usually very modern, clean lines, non fussy in style, everything in order. That's why children's toys are so fun to make, cuz it forces me out of that rigidness(sp?). I especially like your idea of putting the lillies on the drawstring instead of the side. Would be way cuter!

    River- Never in a million years are you banned!! I asked for your opinion. Thank you so much for your honesty!! :) You helped me to see what it is that I just don't love about the bag....the round pink things are very distracting to the eye....!!!

    Pat- Thank you! And yes, that will be rectified. But, I wanted to love the bag before I made the frogs to go in it. :)

    Simply- Thank you for your honesty! The beauty about all of these patterns is that you can definitely make them your own! I would love to see your variation of the bag once I get my pattern up and posted!

    Thanks so much you guys! I appreciate your help!!


  9. Biz...
    I know everyone has already left there comments but I have been looking at the bag for a while. I see tons of possibility...but like you I don't love it so I have been trying to figure out why.
    I definitely think having a blue or brown(dirt) bottom would help as the green is very distracting after the blue wavy water.
    as for the grass no matter how much I look at it I think several bunched grasses in different colors that were thinner or more finger like would look better. I can see the style you are going for but it looks more like bacon than grass to me. One idea I though might help is to have grass on one side and the a cat tail or two on the other.In design think odd numbers and i more or less on each side. Think if you have one grass then two cat-tails.
    The lily pad and flowers looks off to me as the water and grass gives the bag a 3d effect but the flowers and lily pad are faced 2d(looking at us)...
    The flowers I think would look better if we were looking at the side instead of the top of the flower. Having a few on the string(like some one mentioned) would give you some to float around that you could see the tops of and a child could play with, with the toys inside.
    The lily pad looks odd just floating there in the green space I wonder what about making your lily pad (and maybe the flower that goes with it) and attach them to the bag with a string like you have for the would give it the look of the roots lily pads actually have and allow for a place for frogs, dragon flies and thumbilina to play.
    Of course my ideas might make your bag look too realistic and you could loose the cartoon look you are going for.
    Sorry I was so long winded. Again I got tons of ideas from your bag and I know that with a few changes my little ones would love playing with this adorable frog pond.
    Best of luck as you make this a bag YOU LOVE!!!

  10. Zan- Those are great ideas. I already see a new bag in my head! Thank you!


  11. Looking at the picture I did not initially know what the bag was, however I was drawn to click to read your post based on the picture of the bag. I completely see what you were going for and I think that it's a great interpretation of your inspiration picture. However I think as it is it needs to be paired with the picture to really get it.

    I think it's that you have the dual perspective of looking at the grass and water from the side, but looking at the lily pad and flowers from above that is throwing off the "love." :)

    Beautiful color choices though and I love the construction of the bag as a bag.

  12. Elf- Thank you for your input. I have gone back to the drawing board with this bag. I will be posting it's "Take 2" version soon. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts. I truly appreciate it. :)



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