Friday, September 10, 2010

Poopy Thoughts

I have been thrown into a tailspin of foolish, poopy thinking.

My little award that I had received out of the kindness of someone else that thought my little blog was worthy of note brought me joy. So I passed it on to a few other blogs that I thoroughly enjoy reading.

One of my recipients didn't care for it. Instead of just saying no thanks, he basically made fun of it on his blog, without naming names. Now I feel like a boob. He called it a "chain letter for bloggers". And it may very well be that, but I didn't view it or pass it along as such. Anyone that knows me, knows that I do not FWD anything. Usually if it says FWD in the name...I skip it and delete it almost immediately, no matter who its from. I have to be in a special mood to open it. So, for what I thought was a neat little gift to be called a chain letter....Gahhh!

So, thank you, person I love to read, you have made me a neurotic mess over this. I feel like an idiot and wish that I could take it back. I don't think I will ever make the mistake of giving of myself like that on the internet again. I don't like feeling like I've just been made an ass of.


  1. Dont worry about it... some people can be butt munches... no matter who they are... I love reading your blog... you are great!!!!

  2. biz, that was so unkind of him!!!! i'm soooo sorry that happened.
    and i can't help but wonder if you're sad that i hadn't posted mine yet. honestly, i was tugged at war about it b/cs i love my blogspace and want it to be different than my last one b/cs it's been such a spiritual journey for me, and as such i want it to be about Him, not me. but i probably should have said as much to you, b/cs i DO appreciate that you thought of me. and that was really an a$$ thing of him to say/do.
    don't be poopy-thoughted. i love that you give of yourself (even in cyberspace)... and i'm grateful!

  3. just found your blog today, and i think awards on blogs are so much more than "chain letters". they are affirmation that what you do/write is noticed, and that someone likes what they see enough to say it. keep up the good work.

  4. What you did came from your heart and you should never be ashamed of that. If the person was a jerk, it is his problem.

    You are a beautiful person. Don't ever forget that.

    Lots of love.

  5. Amy- Thank you for seeing the heart in the action. :)

    Queen- Thank you and I hope that you have found something worth staying for. :)

    Misty- Honestly I hadn't thought about the fact that you didn't post yours. I am glad that you appreciated it, but it was definitely not a requirement that it be posted. It was, as someone else put it, an affirmation that I 'see' you. But, you didn't ridicule for all the world to see either.

    Alannah- Omgosh you made me laugh! I haven't heard someone called a butt munch in YEARS!!! LMBO!! Thank you!

  6. Biz -

    I can't tell you how sorry I am that you were offended by my post. I thought the award was really funny, and would never have used it the way I did on my blog if I'd known it would offend. That was definitely not my intent.

    The Butt Munch

  7. Hi TSMK- Funny thing. Had I known you were subscribed to my blog, I never would have posted that!! So I'm a butt munch for whining when I should have just pulled up my big girl panties and gotten on with life.
    Thank you for your apology. I still read your blog. You are just too funny to not read. Take care.


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