Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Have You Been Up To?

Moi? I have been totally focused, enveloped and up to my proverbial eyeballs in all things "Christmas Program". It appears I have this talent for writing Christmas Programs, skits, plays, etc.
This is the third Christmas Program I have put together for our church. This year's theme is "The Glory of God"....which is us, His creation. In all of this we have speaking skits and music skits that we 'act' out or pantomime to. There is always a "story" that is narrated or acted out throughout the program, essentially introducing the individual skits. Needless to say, since this is all coming from my brain I have to be there to choreograph and oversee everything. Sometimes it is overwhelming, most times it's just good old fashioned fun.
We are hot and heavy into practices and rehearsals. There are so many elements to pull together. Thankfully, this year we created a "Creative Team" that will help with props and costumes so that it doesn't all fall on me and the Children's Church Director. I am so greatful for all of them. They have such great ideas. :) I have finally assembled all of the music. I have all of my principal characters assigned and I am sooooo stoked! This year is going to be GREAT!! :)
Somehow I will figure out how to video it and then we will figure out how to put it on youtube so that you all can see it. :) Right now with just the basics and not running through the program from beginning to end without stops, we are at about an hour and a half with a ten minute Intermission.
I have also been crocheting. I am almost done with my Grandmother's shawl (the Sweet & Simple Shawl Pattern by me) that she requested and I am almost done with all my little froggies. Just have to assemble the one that is done and make one more and we are good to go. I am using the Mango Simply Soft for the orange froggies. Bad choice. Just sayin. Not the's just soooooper hard to work with for this project and my left arm aches. So the last two frogs are taking longer than planned. Frog Pond pattern coming soon....I promise!

Now, if I can just stop trying to live on chocolate.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finding My Center

Today, I crochet for the sake of therapy and sanity.

My mind is unsettled. I am not mad, sad or unhappy....just unsettled. For two reasons, the first being that I made a mistake at work that could have been potentially disastrous, financially. I paid some bills (...big bills) and neglected to post them to the checkbook on the computer....bad, bad, bad.... And now, the money that is coming in from large sales this week has to go to cover my mistakes instead of going for other things. *facepalm*

The second being that my son is having a hard time in school right now. My kids attend an online high school that is proving to be a great school for them. My son, for lack of a better word, pretended he was doing his school while letting his mind wander and doing nothing. Then, he would take his regular breaks and the like....just wouldn't turn in any of his work.

Well, I decided to see how they were doing through the parent controls and discovered all of this late work. I told him to catch himself up. He was only a day or two behind. He ignored me. I told him then that he had one week to get caught up or deal with loss of beloved gaming systems, etc.....should have been easy...nope. While I was 'grilling' him about why wasn't he getting anything done and what the heck was he doing all day??, he said to me "Mom, your little grilling sessions aren't making me move any faster." I almost killed the boy. So, instead of murder, I chose to have a 'punishment' day.

Last Saturday he had to do school and chores all day. No free time. No TV. No computer time. I made him take his favorite stuff from his room and put it in my room (all purely symbolic, this was only one day). Then he would do school for a 1/2 hour, we'd do a chore for a 1/2 hour...just to keep the day broken up. It went fast. It wasn't as miserable as he thought it would be, but decided that he didn't want to give up another whole Saturday like that. He got every thing caught up except Spanish.

So, I thought he was cured. I thought he'd get caught up in Spanish on Monday and then quick catch himself up on the rest of the things he might have gotten behind on today. Apparently not. Once again, I checked his work. It took him two days to complete and hand in about 4 things. He is continually getting further and further behind in Spanish, as well as, all of his other classes, which he is now behind in AGAIN. And then come to find out he has 0's on a few assignments in various classes because he didn't follow directions. When I tell my kids "redo this assignment because the teacher has suggested that you do that so you can get a higher grade", they all but thumb their nose at me and say "no". I am at my absolute wits end. I have nothing left in me. I'm so overwhelmed by his (and sometimes her) absolute lack of desire/will to do well that I just want to cry.

Just get the *&^%&*!@ work done!!! How hard is this???

My time is so limited right now. My schedule is so full. But, if I have to sit next to him and force him to complete every assignment, I will. Thank you, God, for the strength I need not to strangle him.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Froggy Friends

I want you to meet my new froggy friends and their future buddies.
I got the pattern for them here.
They were too adorable to not make.
Since I've redesigned the Frog Pond Bag (pictures and pattern coming soon!) and I totally love it this time....I decided it was time to make the little rainbow froggies to go inside.
I, also, decided that it would be entirely redundant to design little frogs of my own when there are a bazillion different frog patterns already available, most of them for free.
I decided, instead, to support another fiber artist and promote her pattern with my bag. :)
I have altered the pattern only in the application of eyes. I have sewn mine on with yarn. I am a terrible embroider-er-er(?)...I am not good at embroidery. Mine is always choppy and sloppy and sorta ugly. Beauty thing? Babies don't care. Mama's typically don't either. Most of them can't make it themselves and are just happy their kids can't chew it off and choke on them. I'm pretty psycho about making all toys teeny-tiny-child friendly.
So, if you don't look too closely at the eyes of my frogs, which are all crooked...every one... and look at them as a whole, you will realize they are way to cute to not have a home!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Hello Fall

I know I'm a little late, at least for my area, to post about saying 'hi' to Fall.

Most of our trees have already shed their color, but a few are hanging on. Like the gorgeous Oak in my back yard that is flame red right now. Every morning I go into my second floor laundry room to look out the window at it. The sun is hitting it at just the right angle at that time and it looks like a huge fire. Morning sun is different than any other time of the day. It's gorgeous and Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.

One year, we had particularly good color that hung on for a long time. It was an abnormally warm fall without a lot of rain and it was just gorgeous. Every where that I went I took pictures of the fall colors. I still have all of those pictures and some day I am going to put them on the wall of my house in a collage. Some day.....when my house isn't in a perpetual state of reconstruction.

My husband is a wonderful starter. He really is.

Monday, October 04, 2010

A Bit Tired & Crabby

The first of the striped mittens is completed. Almost everyone in my circle of people has tried it on. And almost every one, to a person, has said "Oh! It fits!" there was some question that it would...? Come on, people!

My daughter, being the high-maintenance gift receiver that she is, was irritated that the thumb was not black. When we talked about the order of the finger/thumb color repeats, we had discussed the thumb being black. Well, in all of my finger knitting...I forgot. I was going to do them blue when I had originally started them, and when it came time to do them..I just picked up the blue without another thought. By the time she realized the thumb was blue, I was about 5 or 6 rows into the thumb and I was not knitting them back. There is much disappointment in that blue thumb. It's an unexplainable disappointment. I have, yet again, failed her somehow.

Me and my ever-present pattern book just keep plugging along. I will finish her second mitten (which I offered to alter the color progression of the fingers and have the thumb be black...but no...they won't match, then) and wipe my hands of her neediness for a bit. It will be good to be done with this pair.

Then, it is on to my husband's black pair. They will be a wool blend to keep his previously frost bitten fingers warm.
And now, a personal moment: I have hit a whole new level of fatigue. I decided last Friday night, while my husband and daughter were at football games and my son was busy playing video games, that I would can. I started around 6 something and quit around 11. I was able to get cranberry sauce, spicy cranberry salsa, traditional salsa and caramel-apple jam canned. However, by the time I was done canning, I was keyed up. Couldn't even think about going to bed. All I wanted to do was knit and relax. Then A Few Good Men came on TBS and I just had to watch it! I mean, it was almost language free! I love that movie. So, I was up till 2am. yay. My plans for Saturday were to get up and go scrapbooking. I thought "I'll just sleep in and go when I wake up". Lucky me, I was up at 7:15. Plenty of time to get ready for scrapbooking! Saturday went fast, but I was up late again. Sunday dawned bright and EARLY....and I hauled my cookies out of bed for church. But, no nap for me during football cuz we had friends come over for the day. It was a nice time, but I spent alot of time yawning. Now, I am at the end of an extremely busy day at work. The phone rang non-stop with the temps in the 30's first thing in the morning. Now, I face an hour trip out of town to go grocery shopping and i. am. tired.
Tonight, I go to bed early. No excuses. Well, after Dancing with the Stars......

Friday, October 01, 2010

And So Another Pair Begins....

*sung to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers*

Onward Knitting Soldiers,
marching as to war,
with our knitting needles,
wielded as a sword.
Daunted not by boredom,
or repetitiousness,
We will be the conquerors,
and make a matching set.


I'm pretty sure I have too much time on my hands.