Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Froggy Friends

I want you to meet my new froggy friends and their future buddies.
I got the pattern for them here.
They were too adorable to not make.
Since I've redesigned the Frog Pond Bag (pictures and pattern coming soon!) and I totally love it this time....I decided it was time to make the little rainbow froggies to go inside.
I, also, decided that it would be entirely redundant to design little frogs of my own when there are a bazillion different frog patterns already available, most of them for free.
I decided, instead, to support another fiber artist and promote her pattern with my bag. :)
I have altered the pattern only in the application of eyes. I have sewn mine on with yarn. I am a terrible embroider-er-er(?)...I am not good at embroidery. Mine is always choppy and sloppy and sorta ugly. Beauty thing? Babies don't care. Mama's typically don't either. Most of them can't make it themselves and are just happy their kids can't chew it off and choke on them. I'm pretty psycho about making all toys teeny-tiny-child friendly.
So, if you don't look too closely at the eyes of my frogs, which are all crooked...every one... and look at them as a whole, you will realize they are way to cute to not have a home!

1 comment:

  1. hey biz!

    i think you did a great job on the frogs' eyes. you had given them character! and thank you for the link to my blog too.



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