Friday, October 08, 2010

Hello Fall

I know I'm a little late, at least for my area, to post about saying 'hi' to Fall.

Most of our trees have already shed their color, but a few are hanging on. Like the gorgeous Oak in my back yard that is flame red right now. Every morning I go into my second floor laundry room to look out the window at it. The sun is hitting it at just the right angle at that time and it looks like a huge fire. Morning sun is different than any other time of the day. It's gorgeous and Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.

One year, we had particularly good color that hung on for a long time. It was an abnormally warm fall without a lot of rain and it was just gorgeous. Every where that I went I took pictures of the fall colors. I still have all of those pictures and some day I am going to put them on the wall of my house in a collage. Some day.....when my house isn't in a perpetual state of reconstruction.

My husband is a wonderful starter. He really is.

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