Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update on the House Situation

Ok. I have just a minute to write, so this will be kind of short.

In talking with the mortgage company, we found out that there is something called a "Short Sale" which they would be in agreement with for us to basically liquidate the house. The guy was SO nice. Talked me through everything I needed to do and take to a realtor, etc. He really calmed me down.

So Monday, I talked with our local REMAX girl and she said she would love to take on the project. She stopped by Tuesday to look at the house to get a listing going and promptly brought some buyers by that night. Apparently they were ready to put an offer in on a different house. The buyer lady brought her dad with and the showing went so well that she brought her mom by today @ 12:30 pm and tonight she is bringing her husband by @ 6:00 pm. I talked with REMAX girl and she said that it went so well, she thinks they are going to switch their offer to our house. *Squeee*

Ok, so now, if you are like me, you would be saying "Well, that's great, but what about you? Where are you going to live?" Fear not, my friends. God is busy providing, once again.

I felt this 'need' to contact REMAX girl and find out if she rented homes that were not for sale. I'm in no mood to have my rental sold out from underneath me. She didn't but she gave me two names of people who do have rentals. Called them, no luck. I sat there for a while banging away on my computer games and looking up real estate ads in the local newsrag, I felt this 'need', again, to call the other umpteen realtors in town and ask the same question. I hopped on the phone and found out that realtor number two shows great promise. There is a 3 bdrm, 1 bath, 2-1/2 car garage w/ an out building ON the lake (hot property around here) for $550.00/mo. The only drawback is that it has electric heat (and no cell service). In this area, that can be costly (for both). It is available January 1, which is right in our timeline, AND they are perfectly fine with the fact that we have a dog. We drove out by the property to see how far out of town it is and its 6 miles out from the main road. From what we saw, it is a beautiful setting and I am dying to see the inside. I am currently waiting for Realtor #2 to call me back so we can set a time to peruse!

God is good. :)

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Bailey said...

I am so pleased you are getting good help from the realtors. I hope the rental works out and you and your family can start fresh in the new year.

Prayers are with you that it all works out as it should.