Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Let's Talk Yarn ~n~ Stuff!

I've been busy slobbering over yarns and patterns online. Let's take a look at some of them, shall we?

KnitPicks is my very favorite yarn website to slobber over. All the colors, all the yarns, all the knitting paraphenalia, all the books and patterns.....argh. I am totally in love with the miniature sweater ornaments kit that is on their home page. You can click on the picture below to go right to the KnitPicks website. Look at the adorable knit Christmas lights and popcorn string! Too much cute!

*click on picture to go to Knit Picks*

I have never had the opportunity to shop from Knit Picks. I am such a stickler for using up what I have before I buy more. I've never been very good at being a hoarder. If I can't justify the purpose, I can be a real cheapskate! lol So, needless to say, there have been several kits that Knit Picks have put out that I have loved from a distance. I couldn't commit to making it right away, so it just stayed as a picture in a catalog. I frustrate my kids cuz I can talk myself out of buying almost anything, which in their estimation, never bodes well for them. :) I may have to pull myself out of some of that though. I don't know how many yarn stores there are in Florida.

Next up would be WEBS. They have the very cool website address of ! Although you can click on the picture below to go to WEBS too. Look at the lovelies! They are highlighting yarns that sparkle and shimmer on their Knitting and Crocheting page. Some of them have sequins, some of them have beads, etc. All I have to say about this AWESOME! Now, when I make that beaded shawl for my mom...I don't have to string all those miserable beads!!

*click the picture to go to WEBS*

Some of the yarns are uber expensive, some of them are very reasonably priced. WEBS is famous of having bargain yarns and clearance yarns, so who knows? If this piques your interest, you may be able to find a fancy in the bargain bin! :)

Last on the list for today would be Lion Brand Yarns, etc. Click on the picture to go to their site. I love Lion Brand Yarns for a few reasons. Their yarns are always reasonable priced and you can find them in any good craft store. I adore the Wool-Ease brand in particular. The warmth of wool, the washability of acrylic...and soft? Oh man... I use it for all my hats, mittens and slippers. Good stuff, baby.

*click on picture to go to Lion Brand*

Another thing I love about Lion Brand? All the free patterns. The picture here says 3600+ free patterns. I can believe it. They are endless and you can find almost anything you could possibly need to make in their pattern stash.

Happy Christmas Slobbering and May the Yarn Force Be With You!

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  1. Lion Brand has always been my go-to site. Even though every one of those 3,600 patterns makes me want to buy new yarn. :)

    I'll have to check out the other two! Thanks!


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