Monday, January 24, 2011

Month of January

The month of January seems to have gone by in a blur, now that I am sitting here on the 24th thinking backwards. Yet, I remember good chunks of it going so slow it almost seemed like time stopped.

What have I done this month?

First up, I read the newest post on my favorite funny blog. Just click on the picture to go read Allie's latest post @ Hyperbole and a Half. If it doesn't have you peeing yourself or getting a charlie horse in your stomach because you are laughing so hard, then I am going to seriously question the presence of your funny bone!

Next, My daughter competed at the Osceola Powerlifting meet. She busted her butt to get down to the weight class she needed to be in and found out, in the end, that she went too extreme and lost her strength. She ended up scratching out of the meet because she bombed on her squats.

The gang rolling knee wraps.

Stefani - 280lb squat. Just couldn't get it back up.

120lb bench

Rockin' the 320lb deadlift. A personal meet best for her.

Then, the love of my life moved away. He has been in Florida for a full week now. Most of the time, I'm ok. I'm living for the weekends because I have things going on and it helps me "tick off" the dates on the calendar until he comes back. I just keep reminding myself that this is all for a reason and that I can do this. I am very good at being strong in the face of adversity.
On a really good note, the closing date on our house is officially the 18th of February. :)
And last, but certainly not least, I had the pleasure of taking my daughter to Bloomington, MN to the Mall of America to celebrate her 16th Birthday! :) She actually turned 16 on January 10th, but there was too much going on to fit in a trip to MOA. She got to bring a couple of friends with her, so she brought her BFF, Riley and her cousin, Bekah.
The girls ready to go shopping, eat chinese and get an ice cream cake!

Some time spent in the hot tub!
The girls went shopping for dresses for the "Snow Ball" happening at the beginning of February. Stefani's was easy, but Riley had a hard time finding one. We were finally able to locate a nice stash of special occasion dresses at Macy's and then we were having fun! :) MOA was so packed with people and the shops we wanted to go to were so far apart that it pretty much sucked all of the fun out of the day. The girls were exhausted and cranky by the end. They came to the determination that "small malls are better!" I would have to agree.

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  1. Each day is one day closer to reunification. Your daughter will remember the time Mom spent making it a special time even admist all the challenges.


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