Thursday, January 27, 2011

Socks and Tears

I started Teo's socks Tuesday night after work. I managed to get through the cuff watching tv. Thank goodness he likes a short cuff. Then yesterday at work, I got through the heel flap. And I worked through the turn heel and started on the foot watching tv, talking with Tony and snuggling in bed last night. I am determined to get these buggers done before the weekend is up. Stefani has declared she needs another pair of slippers. These are my favorites to make and they are the sturdiest little sock slippers! I just add a few stitches and use a bigger needle if I'm making them for a man. Otherwise they can be a little skinny for slipping on and off.

Bubba's Socks in Toasted Almond by Red Heart "Heart & Sole"

I have one thing to say about the next picture. You people humble me.

I can only attribute this to the free pattern sites that have picked up on my patterns...but all I can say is Thank You to those of you who have stayed and continue to come back time and time again. I received an email from a reader this morning that brought me to tears. Thank you for allowing me to talk and for giving me a voice. I hope that this blog helps your day in some way.

Be Blessed!!


Mammie said...

Cool picture. Neat to see how they're made. I've never even attempted to make socks. My daughter has tried but has issues with the heel and cannot find anyone willing to walk her through it.

365DaysOfCrochet said...

It's always wonderful that the people you've touched reach back and touch you as well. Enjoy the warm fuzzies!

Lori Lynn said...

Love. Love. Love. the yarn you picked. I have to find some here in PA!

Stephanie said...

And here I thought the tears would be related to making the socks. I know mine always are! LOL