Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bizzy Beaver!

Howdy folks. I have been a busy girl. I cracked out Teo's new socks in 5(?) days...something like that. He put them on and modeled them for me last night. I tried so hard to get my color repeats to line up just right and it still didn't happen. I can only blame it on the fact that it's two different skeins of yarn and sometimes....they just don't match. You don't really see it too badly until you get to the toes, where there is a cute littl boop of a new color on one of them.

T proceeded to pull them off a few minutes later stating they made his feet itch. (Nice) Did he take them off neatly by the cuff? Ha!... No, he yanked each one by the toes and kept pulling them off of his sweaty feet until they were completely removed.

Makes me proud to be a knitting mom. Really.

So, after I finished T's socks, I promptly started on Stefani's slippers. I think around 9-ish last night. I was able to get through the cuff of the first one before bed. And I finished the rest of it at work today. Now, before you start thinking I'm *all that* and a bag of chips....I used double stranded worsted weight Wool-Ease and size 7 dpn's. lol

So soft, so fun to make, soooooo easy!!

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  1. They look just wonderful..really cozy too!


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