Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Do you really want to know?

Where have I been for the last month and a half? Moving. Not just a "Hey, I'm moving!"..."Really? Where to?"..."This great new apartment across town! Ya wanna help?"..."Sure! That's what friends are for!"..."Gee thanks! And we can make as many trips as we need to!" No. This is the kind of moving where you pack your belongings into a trailer and pile it three feet higher than the vehicle you are driving (that will take 3 times the amount of gas previously planned for because it will develop a leak in the gas tank before it ever leaves your original state causing the trip to take twice as long and cost twice as much as it should have) and cover it all with blue tarps, stapled to every conceivable flat surface available (that will wear through in strategic spots allowing the torrential snow and rain that you will drive in for three states and 20 hours to seep in and soak the box spring sitting on the top of the pile) topping it all off with several tie down straps that will eventually wiggle loose and fall off somewhere in Kentucky. (That was the mother of all run on sentences!! LOL) There is no "going back" if you forgot something strategic and necessary. No, now you wait for someone on the other end to mail a box. Or you keep waiting...cuz heck they are coming down in a month....Whoops! Now we need to postpone for another 3 weeks... :/ So, you may never get that thing you need!! When we crossed the state line into Florida, the rain stopped....causing me to view Florida as the new promise land, a land flowing with milk and honey. :) We opened the windows on the car and let the fresh air in. Florida has a certain smell..I don't know what it is, but I have smelled it every time I've ever come to Florida. It's like ocean, sun-baked sand and fresh oxygen.... I LOVE Florida so far. I LOVE the warmth, the sun, the humidity, the city we live in, the house God has provided for us, the new church we have started attending, the Krispy Kreme shop 15 minutes away from my house, lol...I am very happy here. I miss my family a lot, but I am so thankful for where I am. I know it is only a matter of time before I am resurrounded by those I love and hold dear. I can say this...I do not EVER want to move to a place 1200 miles away from me again.


  1. I am so glad the move is behind you. As awful as it is to deal with, it is always better behind you than in front of you.

    I hope this brings blessings to your family as you begin to rebuild.

  2. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Krispy Kreme makes every place better :)


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