Friday, June 10, 2011

Missing In Action

I, once again, apologize for my recent disappearance. Apparently moving 1200 miles from home and starting your life over is harder than it looks. I had to get a job. I worked at Pier 1 Imports for 3 weeks. Yeah...not as exciting or amazing as it sounds. I will spare you all of the details. Just suffice to say,"It was not the job for me".

I am currently applying to everything I can find that has anything to do with an office setting where my skills won't be wasted. Wish me luck...I'm claiming favor!

Onto the picture show. Want to catch you up on some of the stuff that has been consuming my life thus far.

new house

I appreciate my new house. It has lots of space for visitors. This has been tested and proven. Mom and Dad came to visit in May for about 4 days. Loved it! We currently have our recently graduated nephew and his girlfriend down for two weeks as a graduation present. Then, my in-laws will be here with my niece in about 3 weeks. We are Hotel Pensacola for a good chunk of the Summer. I love having that little piece of familiarity. We will finish off the Summer with a week visit from Mom again in August. Then, we won't see anyone for a long time. :/

scrap squares afghan

Please forgive the poor quality on some of these pictures. I have to use my iPhone right now because the super old (but HUGE blessing) computer that my father gave to us because the really old one died, doesn't allow me to use my SD card.

knitted scrap afghan made with only bulky and chunky yarns & 15 needles
so soft and luxurious!

new "chair". wonder if Tony could find a smaller piece of furniture to nap on?

Johnson's Beach, Perdido Key

chubby toes, cute pedicure

finally found the much desired popcorn pan!! looks rough, but makes great popcorn!
it's been getting 'seasoned' for about 10-12 years now

Wisconsin on the Beach! Teo, Brandon, Kyle, Riley and Stefani!
The Mareno kids are some natural tanners

We are starting on week two of the graduates vacation. Feels like it's going way too fast. We had the privilege of having Kyle's best friend Brandon with us for the first 4 days of the vacation. He is with his Aunt, who lives in Pensacola, now.

I have, also, been knitting dishcloths like crazy. I need to get back to designing. It has been too long, but life has been too hectic to be able to set aside that much brain power. Thanks for sticking with me, though. Hope you keep enjoying the designs I do have done.


Bailey said...

Glad to hear you are settling in. Sorry the job situation has not worked out yet. Hope you find something soon.

Amy said...

Love the Granny square afghan. Very cute.

I am making granny squares for throw afghans to raffle or auction for a boy that is very ill and was in Texas Children's hospital. He was in for weeks and the cost is terrible for his parents.