Sunday, July 17, 2011

Introducing the Woodland Elves Bag~Pattern Coming Soon!!

I sat here this morning with my cup of coffee and my freshly warmed lemon glaze donut from Krispy Kreme going over my Facebook stuff and realized...I have not told you about the Woodland Elves Bag that I have completed! Without the use of a computer on a regular basis, I forget to do blog.

I have been ever busy in the toy bag department again. I knew I wanted to do a tree, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to put into it. My son wanted elves with pointy ears and cookies. Think Nabisco. I was leaning toward gnomes and animals. As it turns out, we both got a little something out of the deal. He got his elves, I got my animals. As always, all of the toys are perfectly sized for little fists. :) Thank you to everyone who put their two cents in when I asked for advice. It helped! I, actually, love the way the bag turned out. It's got a great deal of personality and my humble estimation.

I will post the pattern within the next week or so. Just have to clean up my scribbles and then get them on here. Until then, enjoy the pictures.

Woodland Elves and their Friends!

Gwinnet and Riven, the elves (complete with pointy ears!)

Seata, the unicorn

Vulpini, the fox

Cristata, the blue jay

How did I come up with the blue jay and foxes names, you ask? I used foxes "tribe" and blue jay's "genus". I was a little worried that Pokemon might have beaten me to the name Vulpini for the fox. Their Vulpix, etc is a little fox based Pokemon. Thankfully, Vulpini (sounds like an Italian acrobat or magician, doesn't it? lol) is not used as a Pokemon character. Bluejay is loosely based on a bluejay. It's hard to get all of the beautiful and amazing intricacy of God into a 2" toy. Really hard. So, he's as close as I could get him. ;)

My son, ever the story weaver, will be coming up with a story to go along with this bag. He loved the names and personalities I gave the Barnyard Gang and thinks that every bag I create from now on needs to have the same treatment. He is busy enjoying a few weeks with family back in Wisconsin, so it will have to wait until his return. However, I am quite sure the story will be chock full of inspired ideas! Can't wait!


  1. This is so wonderful. I am working on a woodland theme for Christmas. I can't wait to see your pattern. Your castle and farm bags have been huge hits.

  2. Goodness me, you are so talented. What an enchanting collection of animals- I adore the fox.
    p.s the donut sounds yummmy x

  3. Neat stuff you're doing there. I don't think I will ever master anything this intricate; to much arthritis in hands. I do better doing things on a loose, larger scale. Just finished another prayer shawl this morning. Too hot here in the Midwest to go outside and do anything. Might accompany my daughter-in-law to the pool with my "baby grands" tomorrow. Should be fun!
    Keep posting and showing us what you are doing!

  4. Hi there! I did a search for a crochet blue jay and found your site. Our school's mascot is a blue jay and I would love to make one! Do you have a pattern for it? Thanks!

  5. Nicole, Yes, I have a pattern. If you look at the "Free Patterns" on the right side of the screeen--->
    and click on "Fantasy Tree with Elves/animals pattern", you will find the bluejay in there! :)

    Hope he works out for you!

  6. Thank you so much! Sorry I didn't see it. Thanks again!! and for being so nice to share it!!!

    Have a great night!


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