Friday, September 02, 2011

Labor Day Howdy!

Hello all. Summer is over and Labor Day is upon us again. How did it get here so fast?

On one hand I almost can't remember the beginning of the year. So much happened with the move and being separated from Tony for 2 months while he lived in Florida and the kids and I stayed in Wisconsin. Then, we got to Florida and it's been month after month of surviving. I haven't been able to find a job except one that I couldn't physically handle and had to quit. It has been a very long time since we have lived on one income, so it's been a LOT of transition. We have learned to detest peanut butter sandwiches and pancakes.

I think school has started basically everywhere in the states now. My kids have gone back to school and are actually liking it. They attend Florida Virtual School online. It's free to Florida residents, thank you Jesus, and so far it's been great. My son, the one I have wanted to throttle in years past because of his grades, is getting B's!! :) High B's. Not just squeaking in the door B's! Yay, him! I have, also, obtained tutors for the kids in math and english. I'm so glad I did, because Stefani is already having trouble understanding beginning algebra and I want her to succeed. Mr. Stan, their math tutor is super nice and goes the extra mile for them. Thank you, Mr. Stan! They haven't started with their English tutor yet, but he's another great guy. I think they will have a blast with him.

I am currently working on getting my Florida Seller's Permit to open a cottage industry business out of my home. (I know, I just can't seem to stay away from owning my own business!)
Oh. My. God. Can you say hoops, people?? They have them. A lot of them. Gotta get an FEIN...ok, easy enough. Then you have to register your DBA name for $50. Just so your name is registered in the state and you can do business. Just for a name....that's not even the seller's permit. I'm not even sure if that's the business license you have to have in order to apply for the seller's permit. Then you apply for your seller's permit. I haven't gotten that far. I'm currently hung up on the DBA for $50. I need to have my seller's permit, though. will be accomplished. In Wisconsin, it was simple. Get an EIN and then apply for your Seller's your fee and're in business. *sigh* I miss the good ole days. ;)

Ok all. I hope you have a productive weekend off. I plan to work on some stock for Christmas sales. I have shown my work to some ladies in the church and they have already put in orders. Praise God. :)

Be blessed, be safe and have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Your toys would be awesome for Christmas sales. I hope your licences work out.

    I have heard amazing things about FL Virtual School program. I am so glad your son is doing well with it.

    This summer was wonderful, but it seems to have just flown by so quickly.

  2. Lots of prayers to you.

    I am glad the school thing is working for you. I took my daughter out of public school last year and we homeschool. Love it. She is blossoming. She doesn't have to wait around while everyone else is still working.

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. hey biz!!! i've missed you!!! (tho sadly, i haven't said that before now--forgive me, please!)
    i'm sorry you haven't found a job yet, but maybe that is one of those good things so that you can do the cottage business thing, and i pray that that goes well!!! smooches...have you survived your first FL summer?


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