Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's Talk About A Sweater....

My daughter fell in love with this sweater. I probably shared it in my last post...? Maybe? Not? So I'm sharing it again. It's called the Trendy Top Overlay by Double Stitch Twins. A free Red Heart pattern.
This is the first one I made. Caron Simply Soft "Grape". Stefani wanted to step out of her color comfort zone and spice up her wardrobe. I think it turned out pretty cool. It looks great on her. :)
I posted Stefani's finished sweater on Facebook and got a great response. My girlfriend, Sam, wanted one in red. Red Heart Soft "Wine".
Then, another friend, Gillian, wanted one in Hot Pink! I haven't gotten her "model" picture, so you only get to see a closeup. Caron Simply Soft "Watermelon".
My Mother-in-law wanted one made in red too. But, she wanted a bright red. Not quite University of Wisconsin Badgers red, but something just under that. Red Heart Soft "Really Red". This red looks like wine in the picture, but in person its a lovely warm red with just a hint of gold. Quite beautiful for fall. Stefani was kind enough to model the sweater so I could send a picture to my mom in law. She came down the stairs anouncing to the house "Dang, this one looks good on me too!" Ahhh. Teenage modesty. ;)
Super easy pattern. Lots of fun to make....and it literally looks great on everyone. :) I'll post pics of Gillian and Ann when they send them to me.


  1. I want one. The ladies look perfect. So it will look ok on me too.

  2. How hard was it to get started? I printed the pattern. I have lots of recycled yarn that I can maybe use. I'm a medium/large woman, lol, so I'm hoping this will look just as good on me.

  3. Mammie- Super easy to get started. However in the pattern I think it says that you should have 4ch's left over when you are making your starting 3dc row. I never did, I only had 3ch's left over and I ripped it out 2 times and rechained and recrocheted. Both times I got the same count. So I called it a day and just skipped 2ch's instead of the 3 they said and everything still turned out wonderful. No one will EVER be able to see the difference. EVER! :)

    Please send me a pic of your finished project! I would love to see it!

  4. Oh! And my daughter (and mom in law) wore the 2x size. She's usually an XL, but she is very broad in the shoulders and bust, so I had to go up a size to accomodate. Sam in the red is wearing a Medium. I'm sure it will look lovely on you! :)

  5. Your daughter is a beautiful young lady I'm loving that sweater will have to try

  6. You did a fabulous job on these sweaters & we are super honored! Crochet Fashionistas Unite!

    1. 'Scuze me while I 'fan girl' for a second!! Thank you!! :-)


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