Thursday, October 06, 2011

Oh My Gosh. Lotsa Pictures.

It's been another month and I haven't been any better at posting than I was before. :/ I decided to show you what I've been up to in the last month or two. Pictures are so much more fun than words sometimes.

I learned to knit I-cords. Honest and for true, I could make socks..but I couldn't knit an I-cord. I googled and found a couple of really nice video tutorials on youtube. Worked like a charm. This is the lady that I ended up liking the best.

I was also looking to make some baby hats. I found a bunch of patterns and didn't really like any of them. So taking the basic premise, I made my own. Here's what I came up with. They look like a few of the patterns out there already so that's why I'm not planning on posting them on here as an "original" pattern.

Caron Simply Soft baby hats with an I cord loop.

In my baby hat quest, I found a really cool pattern for a baby cabled baby slouchy hat. Love the baby cables or cheater cables, cuz you don't actually use a cable needle....hallelujah. Its just a twisted stitch. To this I say...bring on the cables baby!

As I stated in my last post, I have been busy getting a business going of my original designs. It is a SLOW process. I decided to just start building some stock up. Here is my Big Girl Backpack pattern with a few twists thrown in for fun.

Big "BOY" Backpacks

I have been emptying out some boxes looking for various things and finding others. For instance, all of my beading and jewelry making supplies! Yay, me! Except that I went in to sensory overload and had to pack it all away in the spare bedroom (craft room) because I couldn't settle on one thing to make with all those supplies. Argh.

A little bit of randomness here. My daughter has been wracking her brains to figure out a way to curl her hair. She tried so many different products and was ready to start getting into the pricey tools and curlers, etc. Then one day, she took her hair out of the towel and came downstairs without brushing it. I looked at her and said "Oh my gosh, Stefani, your hair is curly!!" Apparently, if the child doesn't brush her hair it curls. So she has a whole new regimen now. This picture shows a little bit of curl, but ever since she stopped "processing" her hair it's starting to make ringlets. I remember when she was just getting her hair back after chemotherapy and it was coming back in curly, she was so upset. She did NOT want curly hair. HAHAHA! Oh how the priorities change!!

Notice my son buried in the pillows on the couch in the background? LOL

We've gotten on a baking, sugar, weight gain jag around here. I think I've put on 20-25 lbs since moving here....but, by God, I've got my dessert!!

Basic chocolate cupcake with basic canned frosting.

Yes, it was as good as it looks. :)

Discovered a recipe for "Jewish" coffee cake on

Not entirely sure what makes it Jewish.

All I know is that we gained a few pounds after I made it two or three times. :)

Quite delish warmed up and slathered with butter....oh and a cup of joe on the side. Yum.

I decided to sell some of the pattern books I wasn't using as a way to generate some much needed funds. That pile is barely a 1/3 of my craft library. I felt ridiculous when I was going through them. WHY have I been hanging onto some of these books? I kept them just because they were craft books. I didn't necessarily like the patterns...but they were mine and I was keeping them. Well, not anymore. A large chunk of them have sold on Ebay. Some of the ones that haven't sold on Ebay, I have placed on my Bizzy Crochet Facebook page for those that don't like using Ebay.

I knit a log cabin afghan to give as a gift to our new Pastors for Pastor Appreciation Month. Which is October, in case you didn't know. Made with Homespun and a size 15 needle.

I made my very first African American Princess Castle. It's my Fantasy Castle with Characters pattern. Had lots of fun with this one!

I just like the way the steed turned out for this one.

Finally, my business cards came. I got them through VistaPrint online. They were super reasonable and they are really nice. Full color, nice heavy cardstock. I paid $17 and change for 500 cards including shipping. And I think the shipping was $9 something. Right now it looks like they are not running the same promotion, but if you are looking for a reasonable place to get custom printing done, I would give these guys a look and bookmark them. Just watch, they run promotions all the time.

Pizza. The nectar of heaven. Just needed to pause for a second here.

Got my wedding album scrapbooked, at last. Only took me 18 years and a few days. I'm so glad it's done. And for the record...yes, that's really how my husband proposed to me. He's never lived it down (even though I'm the boob that said yes instead of making him do it right). It ranks right up there with his faux pas when I was pregnant (8-1/2 months!)and he told me I didn't a chocolate shake...(yes, he really did)... and proceeded to drive by at least 5 Dairy Queens on a 5 hour trip..... We use both of these as training tools for young couples. LOL

I will leave you with this moment of precious innocence. My sweet, 8-1/2 year old baby dog (Mack) says.....Hello!

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