Monday, November 28, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

We didn't get to decorate at all for Christmas because we literally moved out of our house on Christmas Eve. So this year, I decided that we were going to decorate right after Thanksgiving and get to enjoy the decorations for as long as possible. My husband will be clamoring to have them packed up shortly after the New, gotta get it in while I can. Besides, we are still struggling to find that "Christmas Feel" down here. Hard to think Christmas when it's 70's and 80's in November! LOL
Some of the fun of decorating is finding all of the old ornaments that have been passed down for years! This teddy bear ornament was made by an Aunt or Grandma. My Dad says that Aunt Margaret made it, but I think this one came with my husband..... I think I remember the one Aunt Margaret made and it was a smaller bear. Anyway, when we picked this one up we all got a little freaked out. When you hold him in the light just right, he has a bit of a "Chuckie" look to him. Last thing we need are possessed toy ornaments stalking us in the night....LOL But really, he looks like he's seen better years. He reminds me of "Big Baby" from Toy Story 3.
So we got the Charlie Brown tree all decorated and put the snowman tree topper on and the top leaned over. Actually, the top section was already leaning because some of the ornaments were to heavy. As you can see, this is a bottom of the line Pamida special picked up in "emergency mode" two years ago because our old tree's lights decided to die. Nevertheless, it is the tree we have and we've all begun to think of it affectionately. The bottom sections lights almost didn't turn on and only half of the middle section. But then somebody moved a branch and Voila! we had lights. LOL...'s all about being grateful for what you DO have instead of worrying about what you don't.
Later, my son thought he saw the tree swaying in the breeze from the ceiling fan. :)
I enlisted the help of the tall hubby to hang up the traditional Indian Toran that my friend Sandhya made for me a few years ago. It is in my front hallway as a greeting to my guests. Tall hubby kept fussing at me about how dangerous it is for him to stand on anything but a ladder. Did he get a ladder? No. He got a kitchen chair, placed it at least a foot out of "reach" and said "see? this is really unsafe". Oh yes, this is the humor I deal with on a daily basis, people. I'm a girl who loves a good laugh, trust me. But, this man thinks he's brilliant. Gotta love him.
If I was more than JUST over 5' tall, I would do a whole lotta things for myself.
After putting up the Charlie Brown tree I realized that I didn't have a tree skirt. As a matter of fact, in all 18-1/2 years of marriage, I've had one tree skirt and it disappeared.....somewhere...??...or wait, did I? I don't think I've ever had a tree skirt! *GASP*
Holy cats. No tree skirt, and I had a whole tote of sparkly Christmas yarn that was beggging to be used!
I went hunting for the perfect skirt. I really like the pattern I settled on. There really weren't that many rows to the whole thing, but with all the increases the last row was 432 stitches and took me over an hour to crochet. I had really had enough at that point. I couldn't stand the thought of 3 more rows, so I cut it short and low and behold it fit perfect. Any longer and it would have been a tripping hazard. Free Pattern Link:
Side Note: Today I decided to start eating better. I cut up an apple and had a yogurt. And a chocolate chip cookie.
There is no sense rushing into these things. Rushed is always wrong. :)

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  1. What beautiful decorations. I am thinking about making a new tree skirt. I have a beautiful one my sister made me. However, our newest dog would love to play with it and I would be heart broken if she destroyed it.

    I have my Mom's Christmas decorations as she decided she didn't want to take them when she moved. I love all the old ornaments. Our tree always brings back special memories.


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