Thursday, November 10, 2011

Impending Doom

Hello all you happy people....*droopy voice*
In exactly 12 days....I turn 40. Oh yes, I have finally reached that number. I got to thinking, what is waiting for me? I'm about to start the second half of my life. The first half has been really busy. Full of being born, growing up, maturing, marrying, birthing, rearing, schooling.....
I thought once I turned 40, I would be 'ready'...I would 'feel' my age...I wouldn't feel so "UN" put together! LOL So I went looking for a picture to where I'm at now. Maybe those of you with some experience beyond the big 4-oh can help me figure out what's coming next?
I have one question, though. Why were there so many pictures of LeAnn Rimes under "crazy"? LOL
Moving right along....
Right now, this is what I look like many days. Blissfully tripping along without a care in the world...trying to figure out what the heck it was that I had just gotten up to do...
a little edgy...a little crazy...
But, is this what I'm destined for if I don't come out of that crazy stupor?
Does it get better or worse?
Some mornings are better than others. I have been having a touch of insomnia lately. Staying up late, late, late....sleeping until all hours of the morning and still managing to look this cheerful...
Then, I have my coffee and this girl returns.
I get to deal with homeschooling teenagers on a daily basis. I know that I can't really complain because I chose it. But, I'm pretty sure that this sign should be posted somewhere in my house.
The children get up and all the bickering, fighting, whining, poking, prodding, crabbing, instigating, mouthing off, back sassing and constant yammering turn me into this woman in about 5 minutes.
And has me praying for this:
The day finally comes to an end and my amazing hubby comes home from work.
Just his presence in the house feels like this.
Ironically enough, he would probably want to wrestle me for a chocolate bar that big.
Of course, I would "put up a fight"....pssshtt..
Thinking of my husband gets me thinking about how over the last 40 years I have not done my best to take care of my young, girlish figure and I certainly don't represent the girl that I "was". Does turning 40 justify plastic surgery?
Hmm. I think I'll just start eating salads and get on the treadmill....


  1. Oh to be 4o again. You look lovely. Don't look at 40 as your life being half over. It's only just begun really. The first 40 years have been a test of the emergency broadcast system!! No really, the best is yet to come. I promise you. At 53, I am having the time of my life. It is exactly what you make it out to be. Enjoy your special day.

  2. 40 is no big deal. I still don't feel like a grown up. I just hurt more when I move. Lol.

  3. Well, Happy Birthday a little early. I will light an extra candle on the cake for you when I put 1 for me and 1 for my Mom in 11 days when we turn 68 and 38 respectively. So, one of us has you beat and one of us is catching up to 40.

  4. My daughter just turned 40, too. My sister sent her a card saying that the best years are ahead. She scoffed, but I agree. Those years since I turned 40 have been quite a roller coaster ride, but some of the happiest, (and saddest) years of my life. I always say to people having birthdays, "cheer up, it's better than the alternative."


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