Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hi All! Merry Christmas!

I haven't forgotten about the blog! I promise...but it's been a BUSY couple of weeks here.

Last weekend we went to Orlando and visited some friends that had travelled from Wisconsin to go to Disney for a week. I remember when her "countdown" still said something like "Only 538 days till Disney!!!"....OY! And just like that, they were on their way home from Florida on Monday.

We had the opportunity to spend a day with them at Disney on Sunday. It was the perfect day. We visited Magic Kingdom. There were almost no lines, so we rode all the rides we wanted to and then some. Walked a million miles. Ate some really good burgers and fries. We took pictures with characters. Some of them repeats from when we were there for Stefani's Make-A-Wish trip in 2005, some of them new characters that we didn't have the opportunity to take pictures with last time. The only ones that we missed that were the "heartbreak of the day" were Jessie and Woody. Saw them in two places and missed pictures both times. :-/

One thing we realized as we were driving back home after an extremely full day was that we don't necessarily have to wait years to go back to Disney anymore. For heaven's sake, we can take a 4 day weekend and go over there if we want to. It's amazing the 'world' that gets opened up to you when you leave the boondocks.

We are excited about Christmas. I just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Every single thing I wanted was on sale. It's was a blessed, blessed shopping trip. Only thing I can definitely do without is the traffic. I got to the mall at 10 and it was already filling up. By the time I left at 11 something, it was a MAD-HOUSE!! I think every single person in Pensacola decided yesterday was the day to go shopping! Getting anywhere was a nightmare, but I was a woman on a mission. I was so glad when I was able to say "Mission Accomplished" and go have some lunch with my husband, the major babe.

I have been knitting my little arms off of my body. All the nieces and nephews got slippers this year. There are 10 of them. We are going to my cousin's house for Christmas Eve festivities, so I decided..."hey, I'll knit all the kids a beanie".... and there are 10 of them (including 2 girlfriends and the new little dude being born today. Congrats Brad and Anna!!!).

I haven't mailed the boxes of slippers off yet. They are going in the mail today, so they won't get there till after Christmas. Even though I was a poky puppy about all of this, there is a silver lining to this cloud. Neither of the "families" are getting together with "our side" until after Christmas, so they can open our gifts when "our side" is together and it will be almost like we are there for "family" time. Ok, maybe not. But, it makes me feel better about mailing things out late.

Well, I have a child patiently waiting to use this laptop to get her school work done for the day, so I must skeedaddle.

Have a great day. And if I neglect to post before..Have a wonderful Christmas!! Celebrate the love of Jesus and family!

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