Saturday, April 14, 2012

Joy On A Cloudy Day

This week in Florida has been unbelievably gorgeous. The sun has been shining perfectly, a beautiful breeze has kept everything from getting too hot and there has been a very manageable humidity. Today, while on the back patio for my morning "bake", there came a cloud. Then there were a few more....and now my sun is all but obliterated.

I have chores that are waiting for me to get off my very lazy booty and get completed. But, all I can do is sit here and soak up what little sun peaks through the cloud every once in a while, listen to my family kibitz back and forth, smell the yummy biscuits my son made for breakfast.....and get buzzed by a funky bug.

The simple joys.

Hope you have a GREAT day no matter where you are!


  1. Even though I love my new hometown of Asheville, I still miss Florida. Hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

  2. Our entire church service was about JOY and celebrating even the small things in life.
    How wonderful that you can just sit, relax and celebrate the joy of sunshine and a buzzing bug!
    It's been chilly, but sunny, here in the Midwest for the last few days, so I just bundle up a little bit more and go out into my back yard and revel in God's wonders and gifts. Isn't life grand?


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