Saturday, April 14, 2012

Joy On A Cloudy Day

This week in Florida has been unbelievably gorgeous. The sun has been shining perfectly, a beautiful breeze has kept everything from getting too hot and there has been a very manageable humidity. Today, while on the back patio for my morning "bake", there came a cloud. Then there were a few more....and now my sun is all but obliterated.

I have chores that are waiting for me to get off my very lazy booty and get completed. But, all I can do is sit here and soak up what little sun peaks through the cloud every once in a while, listen to my family kibitz back and forth, smell the yummy biscuits my son made for breakfast.....and get buzzed by a funky bug.

The simple joys.

Hope you have a GREAT day no matter where you are!


ladydragonfly said...

Even though I love my new hometown of Asheville, I still miss Florida. Hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

Jimmie Earl said...

Our entire church service was about JOY and celebrating even the small things in life.
How wonderful that you can just sit, relax and celebrate the joy of sunshine and a buzzing bug!
It's been chilly, but sunny, here in the Midwest for the last few days, so I just bundle up a little bit more and go out into my back yard and revel in God's wonders and gifts. Isn't life grand?