Friday, May 18, 2012

Back in WI

Well, after my parents' visit, I came back with them to help them with some events in their lives. My parents are closing their business because of an injury my Dad sustained while working. He is basically being forced to retire. They are also having a super huge rummage sale over Memorial weekend to help get rid of things. They are going through their personal boxes and purging and they are selling off all of the office equipment, furniture, supplies, etc from the business.

Yet, here I sit in limbo. Mom has appointments that don't need me. Dad took off out of town too early for me to tag along. I dont have a vehicle.....So it's me and Fox News. I finished my crocheted backpack except for the straps. I finished my knit blanket except for tucking in the ends and edging it. I'm bored with those two things, but there is nothing else to do so.....*sigh*

Oh wait! Mom just got off the phone and said that I need to drop her at her appt and go meet someone at the shop so they can look at a fridge and some office furniture. Not exciting, but gets me out of the house! Woohoo!

The pictures are day one of the office clean out!


  1. wowsers... unexpected like-changing occurrences... Good thing your parents have you there. I bet your presence is a comfort to them.

    ambar in PR

  2. where in Wisconsin? I'm in New Holstein :)

  3. Hey there. I was in Phillips.


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