Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mom and Dad Visit:Post #1

We'll just start off my parents' visit with this little window into their vacation. LOL

They don't get many vacations or much time away, much like the rest of us, and they work too hard most of the time. My Dad has fairly worn himself out a few times in the nearly two weeks they've been here. He is the king of 'The Project'.

We enjoyed a short afternoon at the beach within the first couple days here. Since then, it's been off to the 'git-er-done' races. He put shelves in a useless closet under the stairs and made me a brilliant, new pantry. He helped me hang up all my family pictures and my Terry Redlin and Norman Rockwell plates. He then got busy cleaning my garage, but worked himself out of a job there. He's made shelves for my daughter's room, a shoe rack for the front entry and built a lean-to in the back yard. Eventually, he had to sit down. When my Dad sits, he sleeps. BUT, not only does he deserve the rest, he NEEDS the rest. His body is still recovering from a bad shoulder injury that required surgery a few months ago. Hence, the picture I have for you today. They were both sacked out and not drooling, so I thought taking a picture would be appropriate. :-)

I am going to end this post now. I am on my phone and I have the hiccups, so I keep hitting the wrong letters. Too. Many. Corrections.

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