Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More about WI

So we are still in the purging process. We are in week #2 of my trip to WI to help my parents. Last week was all about getting the business closed and the office purged of all unnecessary items. Many was the cranky comeback and fussy feud....all chalked up to a stressful, heart-saddening situation of having to let go of something you've poured your heart and soul into. Since then the cheer factor had increased substantially....until this morning.

We have entered another cranky zone. Lots to do and clean and purge...so you just slap on a smile and say 'yes ma'am.' We will get through this. None of this is ever fun, but OH SO necessary! That way no matter where life blows them they are not buried under this overwhelming pile of crap! I kid you not, we found an entire 12 place setting in the upper cupboards of my mom's kitchen that she didn't even recognize and couldn't remember buying. WHA?!?! So, she decided to keep them and use them and get rid of the set she is currently using in the rummage sale. Good for her!

My Dad finally let me help him yesterday, so I got to ride in the truck with him and help get tables for the garage. Then we got busy pricing all the tools he is selling from the business. He seemed like he was about as happy as a pig in a mudhole getting all his stuff organized. You should see some of the stuff he's selling!

I have been trying to say 'no' as much as possible to the 'you want this?' question. I only have so much space to take things back. However, I did say yes to the water feature my dad purchased and then had stuffed in a shed for years. My back yard and the birdies who play back there will thank me for it. I, also, said yes to some ramekins, a deep spring form pan and some plant holders for my herb garden. I fear the pile keeps growing....:-/

I also got to see my old yarn store and buy some yarn I forgot to bring with me. So glad to see something I started still living on. :-)

I will sign off for today with a tah, tah for now! More updates soon.

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  1. Biz,
    Be glad your parents are purging and clearing out now. My mother was a pack rat to say the very least. When she died suddenly of a heart attack, she left a big 4 bedroom house, full basement, two story two-car garage...full. It was up to me (mostly, because my only sibling lives in Texas) and my late wife to dispose of all the "stuff." She had a box of antique linens folded with a note telling her daughters-in-law where the linens came from and told them they could divide them up or get rid of them. I wish she would have made the rest of the junk that easy to dispose of. We had an auction and it was heartbreaking.
    I think it's cool that you trekked back to WI to help them. It's a nasty job, at best! God bless!!


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