Friday, June 15, 2012

The Beginnings of My Garden

So, this is the beginning of my Florida gardening. The ground here is so sandy I don't want to plant in it and I am only renting this house, so I don't want to put in garden beds, etc. Instead, I decided to plant in planters. Home Depot was running low on the herb choices when I stopped in so, I picked up two basils; a sweet and a boxwood, a regular sage and a greek oregano. I, also, picked up some mexican heather (those are the low plants with tiny purple flowers) and this other flower...I can never remember the name. Pentos? Penthos? Pathos?...??

My "garden" has grown quite a bit since this picture was taken. This shows everybody freshly planted. Since then we have had a TON of rain and lots and lots of humidity. The sage absolutely loves the weather and has grown about 2" already, as well as, the flowers. I have used the basils and the oregano in a marinade I made with fresh fruit for a pork loin. I thought it was a smashing success. I am looking forward to homemade pesto soon. Just need to pick up some nuts and fresh parmesan.

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