Thursday, August 09, 2012

Rebel Post!!

The first picture is a diaper cover that I decided to put a little skull and crossbones on. I'm not one of those people that gets all hung up on "symbols". I think a skull and crossbones can be really cute on the right piece of apparel. I don't personally wear skulls and crossbones. I find that it's kind of hard to rock the "rebel" look as a chubby, short, super-conservative 40 year old woman who usually has yarn and hooks/needles in hand. BUT, my cousins little boy oozes adorable when he is wearing little skull and crossbone baby apparel. :-) Just oooozes!! Ever have a baby in your life that is so cute you almost can't stand it? LOL

Ok, next rebel picture is of my latest design. It's a dragonfly. I used Red Heart Super Saver in "Bonbon" to resemble "iridescence". After looking at him for a while, I wasn't sure if I should have made him in a solid color or not. I may still try him in solid.

Bug #2- Ladybug
Bug #3- Bumble Bee

I made another Ruffle Purse in Packer colors. I found this awesome pendant at Joann's. It was the perfect embellishment for this particular purse!

One of this week's "boredom busters" was a Kindle sock for my husband's Kindle Fire. I was concerned about the face getting scratched because he hauls it back and forth to church, etc. Rather than spending money on getting a cover, I knit him one. Because, frankly that fit my budget. :) Made with kitchen cotton.

This picture should have been first. It's the first thing I finished this week. It's a prayer shawl from a Leisure Arts knitted prayer shawl book. It only took a week, but I was never so happy to finish it.

Now, I'm working on a custom pillow order for someone. So my hands have been very, very busy crocheting 80 rows of 80 sc stitches....back and forth...back and forth. Rather mind numbing, but thankfully I don't have to watch my hands, so I can get in some Olympics while working on them.

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  1. Do you have a pattern to share for the diaper cover and skull and crossbones?


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