Friday, September 14, 2012

Acorn Bag & Forest Friends Pattern

Acorn Bag & Forest Friends Toy Bag 

by Elizabeth Mareno

This pattern can be purchased on ETSY or my website

The acorn bag is adorned with fall leaves on the handle and the top opens to allow you to place all of the individual forest characters inside! Plus, there's extra space for extra "friends!"

The characters are as follows:

Mr. Bunnykins

Winston Owl

Henry Hopsalot

Steve the Squirrel

Gibby the Hedgehog

OR, you can have your little person name each of their own characters! This sort of imagination-based toy is perfect for little hands and minds. The bag makes this a useful busy toy for little ones to drag with them wherever they go. It also helps with their small motor skills and dexterity practicing taking the animals in and out of the bag, which all the littles seem to like to do! Last, but not least, if you make this out washable yarns, this is easy to throw in the washer to keep the toys clean and safe. While this pattern is geared toward the toddler crowd, I have seen kids as old as 7 & 8 have a good time playing with it. :)

You can use safety eyes, although the instructions in the pattern have the eyes and faces embroidered on. This pattern is definitely more geared towards an intermediate to advanced crocheter due to all of the small parts and assembly. However, it would make a great challenge for a slightly more advanced beginner. 

The only question that remains is, "What sorts of adventures will your characters go on??"

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