Monday, September 17, 2012

Lazy Girl's Minimalist Hat- Crochet Pattern

I said to myself, "How do I do the least amount of work and get the biggest bang for my buck?"

Thus the Lazy Girl's Minimalist Hat was born. Using Bulky yarn and a huge hook; make some awesome hdc ribbing and we've got us a hat, baby!!

Baby's, Kids, Teens,'s for everyone!!

4 oz Bulky yarn (Used Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee-Bulky Washable Wool)
K hook
Lg eye needle for ends

See? Even the supplies are minimal. lol

Gauge: in pattern 6 hdc x 4 rows = roughly 2"x 2"

Row 1- ch 21, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch (20 hdc)
Row 2- ch2 (not hdc), turn, working in the back ridge of hdc from row before, hdc in each back ridge. *see pic 1*

(Picture 1)

Row 3-?? Repeat row 2
This is where you get to size it for your head. I have a 23" head and I ended up only needing to crochet 18" (ribbing ridges are approx 1" apart. makes it easier to count that way). Based on my approximation and the stretchability of the pattern, you should crochet about 5" short of the needed circumference. You may have to play with it a little to get it just right for you.

Sl st through back ridge of last row and both loops of the beginning ch on Row 1. *see pic's 2 and 3*

(Picture 2) sl st row

(Picture 3) what sl st row closing should look like

THEN- without cutting your yarn, turn your work and hold edges together flat and sc through both thicknesses into the row ends. *see pic 4*

(Picture 4) top of hat sc closed.

This is now your Wrong Side, so flip your hat inside out so that the Right Side is out and facing you.

Now. Gather your "corners" together by cutting 4-6" pieces of yarn and stringing them through the corners and making a square knot like *pic 5*.

(Picture 5) Corners tied together

Last- with Right Side facing you, sc around the row ends at the bottom of the hat. I have a few pictures *6-8* to show you what I did. Join this row. ch1, do not turn, and sc in each sc for a second trim row.

(Picture 6)

(Picture 7) Please excuse my awful cuticles! *embarrassed*

(Picture 8)

And there you have a hat!! :)

Thanks for being my model (again!) Stefani! :) Love you!

*side note: I used to make a fisherman's sweater years ago that had this hdc ribbing pattern. When I opened up my yarn store in 2006, I hung one of these sweaters in the window. I had more people come in and exclaim utter shock that it was crocheted, because you just can't crochet like that! I had knitter's swearing it had to be knit! The beauty of it was that I wasn't a knitter at that point, so I could honestly say to them, "It is definitely crocheted, because I made it and I don't knit!" I wanted to use a pattern stitch for this hat that looked hard, but was easy, fun and made you look like a yarn genius! :) Happy crocheting!!*

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