Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Beauty Blog!

Hi. I am here to share some info about a new Beauty Blog that I think will be a great up and coming source of beauty tips and tricks!

A girl I know, Rachel, is a stylist back in my old home town of Phillips, WI. She works at a place called Studio 1 Salon and Spa. They opened several years ago and have become the "go-to" place for great style and beauty in the Northwoods. One of the things I love about Rachel is she is a very REAL girl. Not only is she a knock-out, beautiful woman, but she is a very nice person as well.

When Stefani was going through chemo, she was still in high school and working at the local grocery store. She was always so nice and supportive to Stefani and made her feel important and pretty, even when she was bald as a cue ball. Rachel holds a special spot in our hearts because of that. She probably doesn't even remember it, but when I think of Rachel, that's what I remember. We always called her Charlize Theron....cuz to me, she just looks like her! lol

Now that she is a business woman, a wife and a mom...she has really come into her own!

So....back to the reason we are here.....She has been posting on their blog recently about beauty products that she really believes in and she really uses. She even explains WHY the products are so good. I believe her! and it makes me want to run out and try those products too! Who better to learn from than someone you trust and who actually uses the products on themselves?! She presents them in a very sassy, down-to-earth style that I can appreciate. And I'm quite sure you will appreciate it, too.

So, I am promoting their blog on mine because I believe in them.....and I'm soft and fluffy, like a marshmallow....:)

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