Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby Stuff- the OTHER obsession

Chunky Fuzzy Bear & Booties
My other obsession, lately, has been making baby things for my Etsy store. I have found that hats and booties are so much fun to make (now that I know how to size hats appropriately)! I have always enjoyed it, but lately, I have been designing quite a bit of my own stuff, as well as, purchasing some new patterns and trying them out. The sock monkey hat is a pattern that I bought from Sandy's Cape Cod Designs on Etsy. The sock monkey booties are something I came up after I learned how to make booties in a consistent size. (I've had some challenges!!) I came up with the Zen Baby sets on the bottom of the post after making a basic pair of booties that "just needed something". So, I made a flower that turned out to be too big for the toes, so it went on the side. Then I thought "how cute would that be to make a matching hat?!?" So the hat was born and needed to have a matching flower. Then I looked at the trim I put on the hat and thought "omg...that would just tie the whole thing together if I put the trim on the booties too!"......

If you ever wondered what my "methods" were for designing....there ya go. It's as scientific as a bunch of random, scattered thoughts all landing in the same place at the same time. :)

Patterns for Chunky Fuzzy Bear and Booties and Zen Baby Sets, coming soon!

Sock Monkey Booties

Sock Monkey Hat and Mittens

Zen Baby Set in Blue

Zen Baby Set in Pink

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