Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Family Time

 We enjoyed a few hours at the beach recently. We gathered some shells and enjoyed the lovely breeze. The weather has finally cooled down to a reasonable temperature. We have had the house open for the last three days and I LOVE IT!
My baby man, Teo, turned 16 in September. We had fun decorating and being silly for his birthday. We bought a whole bunch of Avengers decorations and put up streamers and a Happy Birthday banner. He asked for brownies for his birthday 'cake', so I made some super fudgy ones. He got a kick out of his goodies. :) Then we celebrated at Steak N Shake (his choice) and went to see Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. That was a wonderful end to that series. It left openings for certain story lines to be continued, and completed the Batman trilogy on a tremendously hopeful note. We are pretty geeky in this house, so those things matter to us. LOL.

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