Saturday, December 01, 2012

Busy With Crafting

Thought I would take a minute and just share some crafting things going on in my life. I still owe a dinosaur pattern, but life has been a little crazy. I am in the last few days of this block of classes, and my time has had to be spent writing essays instead of patterns.

 I decided to make the Red Heart snowman cozies part of my Christmas giving this year. It took me a little bit, but I was finally able to find the PERFECT mugs to go inside them. They are part of Target's "white" collection ($3.29-$3.99). They come in several different textures so you can sort of individualize the gift. They are just tall enough to give some 'lip room' over the cozy, and taper down enough at the bottom to slip through the opening without causing 'bobbles'. The handles are low enough on the cup so the cozy buttons perfectly over the top. I think these cups were made for this pattern....or maybe the other way around?? Who knows..they are just the perfect mug.

 My next, latest obsession has been a pattern called the Groovy-ghan. I think just about every family with a crafty 60's/70's Grandma has one of these blankets floating around somewhere. I suppose this pattern could get slightly tedious. And the weaving in later of all the yarn ends is going to be a labor of love. But, this is a fun-ish blanket in the fact that the colors make it so interesting to look at!
I have, also, been working on potholders. I am thinking about joining a Market here in Pensacola, so I'm working on "stock" items. I am using Grandma's pattern again.

Ok. That's about it for now. We are off to the market soon. This has become our every Saturday morning tradition. There are just too many goodies down there to pass it up. :)

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  1. Anonymous5:55 AM

    This is so very coolll :)
    Greetings from Croatia ( Europa )


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