Friday, March 30, 2012

Patchwork scrap-ghan

This week's scrap-ghan is a 'Vanna's Choice' pattern from Lion Brand.

Free Pattern:

Fun and easy and as you can see, works GREAT with scrap yarn!!

Have fun!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Weeks Scrappy-Ghan

This pattern is from Leisure Arts "Afghans For All Seasons-Book 3", copyright 2002.

Pattern name is "Carnival" page 64.

This pattern shows specific colors, but I like using up scraps when I make this. Makes a very snuggly blanket despite the 'open weave' of the stitches. Super simple pattern. Great for beginners. You can probably still find the book on Amazon or EBay!


I deleted yesterday's "Politically Incorrect Post". Not because of any harsh backlash or anything like that. As a matter of fact, i think it opened some good dialogue and i got to meet ekobor. But it was needling me all day. This was not the appropriate place for me to hash out my questions on a topic that is such a personal matter. So, now it's gone. And we may now return to our previously scheduled program.

Just consider yesterday's post the "Channel 3 Storm Watch" interruption of the "Charlie Brown Christmas Special".....

:-) enjoy the patterns.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Faeries- Sampler Baby Afghan Pattern

I finally found my Faeries pattern. I made this blanket 4 years ago, wrote the pattern and subsequently lost it until I recently unpacked a box after our move to Florida. I'm so excited to be able to present it to you. I haven't worked through the pattern since I designed it, so I hope that everything is correct. If not, let me know.

The FREE pattern is available on Ravelry, Craftsy, and Love Crochet!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Baby Hats

Baby Alexis sporting a hat that her Auntie Sam, one of my best friends, had me make for her. Here is the pattern link. :)

I made mine out of Vickie Howell's Sheep(ish).

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Proud To Announce!

WooHoo...Can you say FREE??? I like free and free likes me.....and my pocket book. :)

Free Newsletters are a constant source of new patterns and ideas. Free E-books are the sweetest little trend to come down the pike! I've been blessed enough to have my Sweet & Simple Shawl pattern published in a free E-book. I love that my pattern is in the hands of many people at NO COST to them.

I have the distinct pleasure of being able to provide you, my readers, with some free Newsletters and E-Books from All-Free Crochet and All-Free Knitting! ------------->>>>

On the right hand side bar of my blog you will find two pictures, one crochet, one knitting. Click on those to take you to the website to take advantage of your free Newsletters & E-Books. I already get their newsletters and I look forward to each one. But I went ahead and downloaded both E-Books too. I'm excited!! :) Some highlights of the One-Skein Crochet E-Book are some lovely shawl patterns, a really cute bunny and a baby ear flap hat. The Kniting E-Book has a great variety of accessories, clothing items including plus sizes and some home decor items. I can't wait to dive into each of them!

Always remember....great resources don't always have to come at great cost.

Thank you and for being such great resources of FREE and FUN patterns and ideas! :)

Happy Crocheting....and Knitting!! ;-)

Friday, March 02, 2012

So....I got a haircut.....

I have been in a very unhappy place with my hair since moving to Florida. I miss my stylist, Dani, so much. I could just sit down in the chair and say Ok....make it shaggy, make it edgy, make it look good and I loved it every time. She would just ask me, ok, how short? So after being here for a year and finding a stylist I'm ok with, I've been contemplating how hard would it be to become rich and famous so I could just charter a jet and fly Dani down to see me every 6 weeks or so?

I like what Rhonda did with my hair this time. And we are working towards this haircut:
I found an article about the shape of your face and what kind of haircut you should have to accent your face shape, etc. Apparently, I have had the wrong hair cut for at least 2 years now. What a bummer! I need to grow my hair quite a bit. Shouldn't take too long. My hair grows really fast. Rhonda asked me if I was going to go blonde with it.....? Um. I don't think so. I was blonde in my youth. I don't think it's my "look" anymore. :) We'll see though. I am Florida "babe" now. LOL!!

I have been doing a fat loss program for 2-1/2 weeks now. I have only lost about 10lbs, but my body is shrinking like a shrinky dink. Here's the website. It is a great program. In the last two days I have been terrible about drinking my water (I drink a 1/2 gallon a day) and eating when I'm supposed to. AND I've been craving cupcakes and crappy food like crazy. I have to keep telling myself..." I will not sabotage myself!" over and over again. I had gotten really, really big over the last year and I'm so glad to be doing something proactive towards a healthier me. However, I do realize that I didn't get this way over night and I won't lose all the weight over night. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I was never very good at running no matter the thank God my husband has decided to jump into the "coach" role with me to keep me motivated. Love that man.....

Anyway, with this new body starting to happen, I want to define my look a little differently than I have in the past. I am tired of looking like the frumpy dumpy 40 year old mama. Hence, the growing out of the hair and the new do. I will never have Jessica Simpson's neck....oh I wish. I will forever have a 3" trapezius muscles are just too big from all those years of lifting weights and now all the stress causes me to look "bunchy" and "squat". Oh well, I am what I am and that's all that I am.....

I am a small woman. I'm only 5'1". I would love any suggestions on different clothing cuts to look for......all you crafty people with an eye for fashion.....:)

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hector The Tiny Puppy pattern

Hector The Tiny Puppy
By Elizabeth Mareno 2012

Small amts each of:
Tan WW yarn (used Caron SS 'Bone')
Darker brown ww for contrast color (used 'I love this yarn' from Hobby Lobby)
Black for eyes and mouth
F hook
Lg eye needle for assembly & embroidery
Fiberfill stuffing

Finished size: 3-1/4" tall

R1- ch2, 6sc in 2nd ch from hook, do not join (6)
R2- 2sc in each sc around (12)
R3- (sc in 1sc, 2sc in next sc) around, (18)
R4- (sc in 2sc, 2sc in next sc) around (24)
R5-R7- sc in each sc (24)
R8- (sc in 2sc, sc dec) around (18)
R9- sc in each sc
R10- (sc in 1sc, sc dec) around (12)STUFF
R11- (sc dec) around (6)
R12- sc in each.
Finish off. Tuck in ends

R1-R3- Repeat as for body
R4-R5- sc in each (18)
R6- (sc in 1sc, sc dec) around (12)
R7- sc in each. STUFF
R8- (sc in 1sc, sc dec) around (8)
Finish off. Leave a long end for attaching the head. Sew the head centered on the body.

Muzzle: w/contrasting color
R1- ch2, 8sc in 2nd ch from hook (8)
R2- sc in each
Finish off. Leave long end for attaching. Do not stuff.
**embroider nose on with black before attaching to the front of the face**
Sew muzzle to front of face.

Ears: w/contrasting color Make 2
R1- ch2, 7sc in 2nd ch from hook (7)
R2-5- sc in each sc
R6- (sc in 1sc, sc dec) twice, sc in last sc (5)
Finish off, leaving long end. Flatten end and sew one to each side of the head.

Tail: w/contrasting color
Ch6, sc in 2nd ch and next ch, hdc in last 3 ch's.
Finish off and sew to butt with 'curve' facing up.

Back Legs: w/contrasting color
R1- ch3, sc in 2nd ch, 3rd in next ch, 2sc in same sp as 1st sc. (6)
R2- 2sc in 2sc, sc in 1, 2sc in 2sc, sc in last sc, join. (10) do not cut.
Foot: ch4, 4sc in 2nd ch, sl st in last 2 ch, sl st to leg in sm sp as chain 4 and finish off.
Sew to right side of body

LEFT: repeat as for right side
After 'join', sl st in 5, repeat foot.
Sew to left side of body

Front legs, make 2: ch 6, 4sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st in remaining ch's.
Finish off and sew to front of body.

Happy Crocheting!