Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chubby Minion Pattern

I promise a better picture (and pattern) of this guy later. But, I wanted to get the pattern up and shared. I know there are a ton of Minion patterns out there already. I'm really not trying to beat a dead horse, I just struggle following other people's patterns. And, I'm not fond of going through the hassle of making a separate pair of pants when I can just crochet them right in. If the "line" where the colors meet bothers you...then do a slip stitch row in blue across them from one strap to the other. This will cover up the color change and create a "straight" edge to your bibs. 

This little guy is very easy and only takes one or two episodes of my TV shows to work up. 

Chubby Minion
by Elizabeth Mareno 2013

1 oz yellow WW (RHSS, Hobby Lobby, etc)
1 oz blue WW
scraps of white, black and gray
polyester fiberfill
large eye needle for assembly
H hook

Finished height: approximately 6-7"

Body starting with yellow:
R1- Ch2, 6sc in 2nd ch from hook (6)
R2- 2sc in each (12)
R3- (sc in 1, 2sc in next) repeat (18)
R4- (sc in 2sc, 2sc in next) repeat (24)
R5-7- continue to add 1 stitch between increases until you have (sc in 5sc, 2sc in next) (42)
R8-13- sc in each 
**Change to blue**
R14-17- sc in each
R18- (sc in 5sc, sc dec) repeat (36)
R19- (sc in 4sc, sc dec) repeat (30)
R20-23- continue decreasing pattern each row until you reach (sc dec) repeat (6) 
**Start stuffing at row 21 or so** Finish off after row 23. Leave an end long enough to close the bottom securely.

Legs starting with black:
R1-2- repeat body pattern
R3-4- sc in each
**Change to Blue**
R5-8- sc in each
Finish off, stuff and sew to the bottom

Arms: with yellow
R1- repeat body
R2- (sc in 1sc, 2sc in next) repeat (9)
R3-12- sc in each
Finish off, stuff and sew to sides with ends flattened so they move up and down. (Don't stuff them as full as I did on the one in my picture. He looks like he's in a "Strong Man" competition.)

Bib straps with blue:
R1- ch13, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch. Cut and sew to body above arms as shown in the picture. The strap should naturally "curve".

Eye starting with white:
R1-2- repeat body pattern. Cut white after row 2. 
**Join with gray**
R3- (sc in 1sc, 2sc in next) repeat (18).  Do not cut!
R4- working around the posts of row 3, with the right side facing you, sc around the posts of each sc on row 3. This will create the raised edge of his goggle. You could sc another row on top of this row if you like a deeper goggle. 

**Embroider pupil in with black. Embroider a smile with black.**
**Slip stitch a goggle strap around his head with black**
**Cut two 4" strands of black and latch hook them to the top of the head for "hair"**

Let me know how you like him if you try him out! Btw, I made this little guy to give to my boss for Boss' Day since I'm his little minion. LOL

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  1. OMG - So cute. I can't wait to make this for my nieces and nephews.


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