Thursday, April 03, 2014

Works in Progress and Completed Projects

Today's post is all about my Works in Progress and a couple of completed projects. 

The Yellow Blanket is Done...and should actually be delivered in Minnesota today! 
Unless FedEx lied. The yellow blanket is for the youngest of my brother's kids. 

These next two afghans are next in the series I am making for my nieces and nephews. The ripple afghan pattern comes from the Crochet Club. It's called the Wavy Ripple

I am making this one in Orange, Pink, and Neon multi for my brother's second youngest child, Lizzie (my name's sake).  It is very bright and for some reason every picture I see of it online looks so bright it's almost fuzzy. I promise it is easier on the eyes in person. I am very close to finishing this one, but I needed a little boredom buster project, so I started on my nephew's blanket. 

I am winging it on Sam's blanket. He's 14 and I just wasn't sure of what he liked other than the color green and guitars...and drums. I wanted his blanket to be manly, but still fun. And I wanted it to have a "graphic" feel to it. I am also aiming for each child's blanket to be completely original and nothing like any of the blankets their siblings receive. Everyone assures me he's going to love it. To me, it resembles a turtle's shell. However, it could also have a bit of a drum set feel to it, too. This picture shows Phase One. I think Phase Two might change the look up quite a bit, and maybe it will lose some of it's turtleness. The hexagons are quite large at 10" from flat side to flat side. I'm not even sure what they are point to point. I'll write up and share the pattern when I finish it. 

Some other projects that I have completed are two sets of Minnie Mouse newborn photo props. Turns out I didn't really get any decent pictures of them completed. Here you see the full set, but the little Mary Jane shoes don't have their buttons yet. I purchased this set from Stephyscrochet on Etsy. I LOVE this pattern. She did a great job with it ( I especially love the shoe pattern!). There are lots of pictures to help you assemble things properly, and her instructions are complete. Unfortunately, you cannot say that about all indie designers, but kudos to you Stephany for putting out a great pattern! If you all have known me for any length of time, you know I don't like purchasing patterns if I can help it. This set is worth it, so give her a visit! 

Ok, y'all...that's my last two weeks in a nutshell. Tah for now! 

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