Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This week has been crazy!

So, the craziness of the last week started with the release of the Irish Waves Baby Blanket pattern last Tuesday. I had no idea this was going to "blow up" like it did. Right away on Wednesay morning The Crochet Crowd shared it on their Facebook page, then later on in the day Kim Guzman contacted me about featuring it on her website the next morning, then the day finished with Moogly sharing it on her page. 

I thought, "Holy Cow! Who knew people would like this so much?!?" And I thought the hoopla was over. I had my 15 minutes of fame. LOL. But, then the post actually came out on Kim Guzman's www.makeitcrochet.com on Thursday morning. All I can say is that the traffic to my website went crazy!! I loved it, but I had made a mistake on the patterns first row on the afghan, so I spent most of my weekend giving people correct directions through email until I could get back to my work computer and fix the pattern itself and reload it on the web (run-on sentence, much?).  From Kim Guzman's blog post yesterday the Irish Wave Pattern was the most popular free pattern in the history of her makeitcrochet website to that date! I. am. floored. And super blessed. Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support of this pattern! :)

However, you know me, and you know I can't keep my fingers still even in the wake of an epic moment like that. I had promised a box of toys to my good friend Carolyn of Herr Projects OKC. She was the lovely individual that sent me all the yarn you see in the Irish Wave blanket. So, I started with a Seamus the Owl knitted pattern from Ravelry.  

Here is the first Seamus made from a light wool blend on Thursday.

Then I made another Seamus out of worsted weight on Friday and I called him "Kelly".

Then I thought "How fun would it be to do it in sock yarn??" So this is "Morgan" and she was born Friday night. 

I got tired of knitting and decided to crochet, but I thought I needed to make something with texture something like Seamus' texture. So, I created "Bridgette" out of Jamie baby yarn and an F hook. Her pattern will be coming soon. She was born Saturday morning.

I decided to crochet another one, but the sock yarn pulled me in again. I thought the colors would be very pretty in the texture. This is "Madelaine", Maddy for short. She was born Saturday, too. 

Finally, we have "Peach" in the Seamus pattern again. She is a combination of two Jamie yarns put together and knit with size 8's. She was on Saturday too. 

By the time I finished "Peach", I was just about owled out. So, I decided to take a break from the feathered group and make something totally different. There are some really fun knit animal patterns on Ravelry! This is the Knit Hedgehogs pattern by Purl Soho. I LOVED the fact that I didn't have to make ten pieces and sew them together. I am still not brave enough in my knit item assembly skills to attempt making anything with "parts". The yellow section was knit as one piece, then the gray was added and stitches were picked up along the side as you went. So by the time you got to the butt, you just stuffed it, finished off the decreases and closed it up! Then you do four simple rows for the ears...and voila! You have a hedgehog. This is one of my all-time favorite patterns now!

When I posted my picture on Instagram/FB, one of my friends ordered one for her daughter right away. So, this little mint/blue guy is hers. 

After minty guy I was completely 'toyed' out for a bit. I am moving on...sort of...to some afghans. This first picture is the color plans for a July wedding afghan. They are very young couple, and they don't really have a color scheme for their home, so I am making the afghan in their wedding colors. Mint green, blush pink, light grey, burlap brown, and I am throwing cream in there as a buffer. I am going to use the African Flower pattern for this afghan. I really can't WAIT to get on this afghan!! I think it is going to be gorgeous! I plan to double the size I made the one for my niece so that it snuggles two comfortably. :) 

Last, but not least, in the middle of my toy making I decided to start a Fluffy Meringue baby blanket by Patons yesterday. I will work on this until I am inspired to make toys again. If you have any toy suggestions..throw them at me!! I don't want to make anymore owls. I think I may make another hedgehog or two...but I'm ready to move on...lol

The Fluffy Meringue is being made with Bernat Baby Sport yarn in Blue Popsicle and a G hook. The pattern calls for fingering vintage lace yarn and an E hook.... Um, No. For an afghan the smallest I am willing to go is a G hook, and baby weight, and only if the pattern is one that builds rather quickly, like the Fluffy Meringue. Anything smaller than that??? Fuhgetaboutit!!

Hope you've had some inspiration from today's post! Come visit me on Facebook/BizzyCrochet, and I'm on Instagram too as bizzy_crochet!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

NEW FREE- Irish Wave Baby Blanket

Good day, all!

This is the project that has had me consumed for several days now. I ran across this Pinterest post last week and pinned it. My cousin mentioned having trouble reading charts, so I offered to write it out for her. Once I started on it, and started posting pictures on Instagram people were going crazy over it. Imagine my surprise! lol 

I have even had several people in my personal Facebook life that have asked for the pattern. That has only served to spur me toward the finish line with this little beauty. 

The pattern itself is so simple, and memorize-able (word?), that you can allow yourself to have fun with it after you get the hang of it. I will tell you this, though, when you are zipping along throwing all your trc clusters in there, remember you always need three in the center. I made the mistake several times of not really watching what I was doing and had to rip out a couple rows in order to correct it. I typically love to "hide" my mistakes instead of ripping out, but you simply can't hide a missing trc cluster. lol. 

The finished size of the baby blanket is approximately 46" x 32". Very generous for a baby blanket, and if you use the "soft" yarns, it is like a warm, squishy cloud. 

Corrections: For those that picked the pattern up before May 12, 2014: 
There is an error in Row 1. There should only be one ch2,  sk 6, sc in next stitch, ch2,  sk 6 between trc clusters. I put my asterisk in the wrong spot. 

And "sm" space, stands for "Same Space"

You can get the pattern free at Craftsy, Ravelry, and Love Crochet!

One of the many beautiful things about this particular pattern is that you don't have to put a border on it when you're done, unless you want to. I chose not to, because the sides sort of finish themselves off. Plus, there is so much movement going on inside the bulk of the blanket, I didn't want anything to take away from it's beauty, or make it an eyesore.  I hope you enjoy this pattern!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

New Free Pattern- "Chutes & Ladders" Infinity Scarf

Welcome to my NEW Free Pattern! The "Chutes & Ladders" Infinity Scarf! 

This was originally created as an accessory for the Rastafari Slouch Hybrid Hat (a knit & crochet collaboration). The pattern calls for 6 ounces of bulky yarn, a J hook, and it takes an afternoon to make. 

You can get the free pattern at Craftsy, Ravelry, and Love Crochet!

Or, you can get the pattern here:

6 oz Bulky yarn (Pictured: Multicolored- “Rainbow Classic” in the Multi-Citrus colorway. Gray: Yarn Bee- “Tender Touch”- Rain colorway) 
J Hook 
Large Eye needle for assembly 

Infinity scarf: 
Row1- Ch26, sc in 2nd ch, (ch1, sk ch, sc in next ch) across. 
Row2- ch1, turn, sc in first sc and first ch1 space,(ch1, sk sc, sc in next ch1) across, sc in last sc. 
Row3- ch4 (cts as dc and ch1), turn, (dc in next ch1, ch1) repeat across, dc in last sc. 
Row4- ch1, turn, sc in dc and ch1 space, (ch1, sk dc, sc in next ch1) across, sc in dc. 
Row5- ch1, turn, sc in first sc, (ch1, sc in next ch1) repeat, ch1, sc in last sc. 
Row6- ch3, turn, dc in ch1, (ch1, dc in next ch1) across, dc in last sc. 
Row7- ch1, turn, sc in dc, (ch1, sc in next ch1) across, ch1, sc in last dc. 
Repeat Rows 2-7 
End with a dc row when it is about 5 feet long. 
Leave a long piece for sewing ends together. 

African Flower Afghan

I wanted to show you my latest afghan accomplishment. I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out. I think my newly 16 year old niece will like it too. :)

I struggled trying to make another afghan with squares, but the motifs were flat and lifeless and I just couldn't do it. I really wanted to make a flower style afghan, and I kind of knew I wanted to do something like an African Flower motif. I didn't want a raised- poofy flower. I felt like that might be too much material, if you understand what I mean. She is also in that transition between little girl and woman, so I wanted something that could grow with her. 

It took me forever to find an African Flower motif pattern. I don't know why I was so "challenged". lol When I finally located an English version of an African Flower, it made almost no sense if I didn't have a picture sitting right there. So, I am going to share the simple pattern with you in laymen's terms. 

Easy pattern instructions: I used worsted weight (RHSS) yarn and a J hook.

R1: ch5, join to make a circle, ch3 (counts as a dc), dc in the circle, ch1, (2dc, ch1) in the circle 5 more times, sl st to first dc to join. (6 ch1 sp, 12 dc) cut color.

R2: join with next color in a ch1 sp, ch3, (dc, ch1, 2dc) in same ch1 sp, (2dc, ch1, 2dc) in each ch1 sp around skipping everything else in between them, join with a sl st to the first dc. (6 ch1 sp, 24 dc) do not cut color.

R3: sl st over to the next ch1 sp, ch3 (cts as dc), put 6 more dc in the same ch1 sp, put 7 dc in the remaining ch1 spaces skipping everything in between, join with sl st to first dc. (6 "petals) cut color.

R4: Using the first color, join with a sl st to the first dc of a petal, ch1, sc in join sp and next 6dc, in the space between petals make a long dc around the "bridges" created by the skips in rows 2 and 3, repeat this pattern around. (42 sc, 6 long dc) cut color.

R5: With a border color, join with a sl st to the center sc on a petal, ch3, 2dc in the same space, (dc in 7, 3 dc in next) repeat until you reach the last 7 stitches, dc in the last 7, join with a sl st to the first dc. cut color.

I usually leave a long end for whipstitching my pieces together. 

The next pictures just show my afghan progress until I finished. I chose not to make half motifs, but left the edges open. I did finish with a simple border. 

The blanket finished out at 50" long by almost 40" wide. I think, from start to finish, it took me a week and a day to finish it. 

The colors I used were Red Heart Super Saver in Dark Orchid, Medium Purple, Purple Tones, and Melonberry. The Melonberry is what made the whole thing pop.