Thursday, August 28, 2014

Picture Perfect

I want you all to meet my good friend, April Musser, who owns Shiree Photography here in Pensacola, FL. Here is her website and Here is her Facebook page. She is amazing. She did my daughter's Senior pictures in 2013, and since then has had a wee one of her own. 

One of Stefani's Senior pictures. (My personal favorite)

Let me first say that I cannot get over the perfection that is April's baby, Claire. She is such a beautiful baby, and the perfect model. April and I have decided to collaborate on some photos with Claire modeling some pieces I have made. Enjoy. :) They make me smile. 

I have also included links to all of the patterns highlighted in the pictures.  
(Just click on the pictures to enlarge them)

crochet pattern

crochet pattern

crochet pattern

knit pattern


  1. I love the pictures you and April collaborated on. Beautiful baby and wonderful patterns. I think that is's wonderful that you help promote her work. I also appreciate you providing the patterns.

    On a more personal note. How did you like getting your degree through University of Phoenix? I had contemplated doing that but I thought I was too old.

    Have a great day!

  2. O my adorable baby and outfit.. lovely blanket.. wish I could make clothes and learn different patterns for blankets.. though I recently learned to make a sunflower granny square which I really am liking.. nice photos thanks for sharing your new follower.. come by and visit sometime.. with love Janice


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