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I am 45. I am married to the love of my life. Together we have two beautiful young adults who bring me joy everyday. In 2015 we added another beautiful young adult to our house, our niece, and she has been a great joy! Secretly, I'm counting the years till grandbabies start coming; they just need to find their forever loves first.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's up..it's up...it's up!!!

Medallion Sampler Blanket from Lion Brand

OH MY GOD!! I feel like I have been waiting forever to be able to share this pattern with you! I designed this earlier this year, and decided to approach Lion Brand about it. They snapped it up right away, so I couldn't say a word. But, it is FINALLY up on their website....just in time for Fall crafting!!

It is a sampler baby size afghan featuring basket weave, fans, bp and fpdc, a cable owl motif, as well as a myriad of other sampler stitches. I'm so proud of this blanket. It makes me so happy to be able to share it with you. It makes me even happier that this little blanket will have the vehicle to go further than any of my other free designs. Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Another New (ish) Pattern!- Chubby Cardinal

I really don't know how I managed to find another pattern of mine that has been out for awhile, but somehow I completely missed putting on here. Honestly, I'm aghast....

This pattern is called Chubby Cardinal. I designed this, like I did Chubby Gator, for a friend who likes to give baby gifts of the new Mommy and Daddy's favorite college/sport teams. It's such a fun idea, and has allowed me the ability to really explore my "chubby" side. :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures. This pattern is over a year old already, and I apparently deleted everything. :-/ I had to go on Facebook to find pictures of more than just the front view. 


Welcome the newest member of the "Chubby" gang! This is Chubby Gator. 

You can use him for baby gifts, sports enthusiasts, or nature lovers! 

He's about 9 or so inches tall, and is wonderfully chubby and squeezable. 

Compared to a lot of my other animal designs, he really has very few "parts" to deal with. I would say that he would be a nice challenge for the beginner, but a very simple stuffy for an advanced crocheter. 

As always, you are welcome to contact me with questions concerning the pattern.