Saturday, May 06, 2017

The Fate of My Website

Good morning, folks! 

So, this post is about the fate of my website. I have had a website for two years now, did you know? I wanted it to be this great place where I could share my free patterns, and when I got to the point of writing patterns for sale, you could get those there as well. It didn't happen that way. First of all, it wasn't terribly user friendly. I'm not super tekky (although I did take 3/4 of a HTML class about 8 years ago, so I understand some of it just not all) so everything took me a LONG time to get posted. Second, the website would not allow me to do what I wanted. I could share my free patterns as .pdf downloads, but it was really hard to format the pages to look the way I wanted them to. Also, I could NOT set it up so if you purchased a pattern from my website you would get the instant download. I ended up having to send people to more than one spot to access all my patterns totally defeating the purpose of the website. 

The final straw for me, after battling with an extreme dislike for my website, was the technical difficulty through my web host that has made accessing my website completely impossible for more than a week now. No email from Vistaprint explaining anything. Every time I call I get a recorded message stating that certain people are experiencing difficulties with accessing their websites (you don't say!), and that they are aware of it and searching for an answer. Really?? For more than a week now? Get some new tech people. 

Of course, I say that as a consumer who knows absolutely nothing about programming a website. Who knows? Maybe there's some uber virus killing their server? Either way, I saw this as a chance for me to finally escape the clutches of something I felt bound to keep open since people were accessing it daily. Vistaprint made it easy. No more website for now.

It is my intention to have a website again. Or maybe just a really cool and fancy blog? I don't know. Where do people get all these really cool blogs with different pages and .pdf downloads and fanciness? I have, obviously, neglected all of this for too long now, and it's time for me to jump back on this horsey and tame it. 

You will see more of me here. Hope that's ok! :)

Tah for now!


  1. All the best to you and hope it all works out, just sitting in front of a computer is time consuming without the stress of how to sort it out. good luck

    1. Thanks Lynne! I appreciate it! 😊

  2. Anonymous11:13 PM

    I'm often struggling with my blog and even never tried to have pdf-documents on it! Don't know where to begin! So I try to keep it simple and now and then I try to experiment with the layout.. Can't help you with this case, I think you're better with it than I am :-)
    Anyhow, wishing you lots of success with your website/blog!
    Have a great week, Sigrid

    1. Thank you Sigrid! I'm going to keep digging, and I promise to pass along whatever knowledge I gain! :-)


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