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Let's Go For a Whirl....and a New Free Pattern!!

I'm pretty sure, by now, that most people know I have a "thing" for sampler blankets. A sampler blanket was one of the first projects I ever made when I was getting back into crochet 32 years ago (my god, has it been that long?). I loved the fact that every new section had me working on a different pattern or a different stitch. I loved the fact that it gave me the opportunity to play with color, which is another obvious passion of mine. Sampler blankets, to me, are what's fun about crocheting blankets. I honestly struggle through blankets that only use one stitch through the whole thing. I wouldn't say I have attention deficit, but I do lose interest quite easily. The first sampler I ever published was the Faeries sampler blanket back in 2012. I created it in 2008, but lost the pattern for 4 can read about it here

With that little preamble, I am here to present to you my latest FREE pattern (which can be downloaded on Ravelry) and talk about the yarn it was made from. It was made with one cake of Whirl, which is made by a company named Scheepjes in the Netherlands. I was introduced to Scheepjes through my good friend, Theresa, who does all the editing for my patterns so you will see her name often. I have had the opportunity to serve as a moderator for their highly popular Hygge CAL in the international group, and so have had the chance to get to know their yarns a little better. One of the new yarns that came out during the CAL was Whirl. 💖😍

I was blessed with two balls of the Whirl, but because of it's thinness (it is a fingering weight yarn) I had NO idea what I was going to do with it. I saw a lot of people making shawls, but as I have been on an anti-bandwagon kick about shawls I dug in my heels. lol. I know, I am weird and have many flaws. I finally succumbed and decided to make a Lost In Time Shawl by Mijocrochet (picture below) out of the color on the left (Fruity 'O' Tutty) because the pattern is gorgeous and different and romantic. While making it, I fell in love with Whirl. I don't know why I thought it would be hard to work with. 😕 It is well spun, so splitting is minimal. It is so incredibly soft, and the colors gradate from one to the other so softly that you almost don't know it's happening until you take a step back from your project. The joins are tied in such a way that they are totally hidden within your work as soon as you make a stitch with them. 

What I really loved about the Lost In Time Shawl was that each color change seemed to fall perfectly with each new stitch, and highlighted each row, giving the shawl a great deal of texture.  Scroll to see the shawl pictures. ⇓                                           

I followed the pattern using a size F/3.75mm hook. I did 5 repeats and had a tiny ball of yarn leftover. I finished it off with some homemade tassels...and by homemade..I mean "homemade", this girl has got NO tassel making skills. I think you can click on the pictures ⇑ to make them larger...just don't look too closely at the tassels. LOL I also got to pull out my beads to decorate with, but I couldn't get the yarn through the precious stones I wanted to put on the shawl and I had to resort to using iridescent pony beads and silver spacers. It's still pretty, but like I said..I need to up my tassel making game.

Before I even finished my Lost In Time Shawl, I knew what I was going to make with the second cake of Whirl in the Melting Macaron colorway. I have been working on a new sampler pattern since November. This particular pattern has gone through 4 metamorphoses in that time period; This baby sampler being the latest...and last. It has been named the Sapling Baby Sampler, and it is an abbreviated version of a pattern that will be coming out in the next week or so. I promise the name will make more sense then. This pattern is totally FREE here on my website!  Although it has been created with the Scheepjes Whirl in mind, you know me...I'm all about using whatever you have. This pattern uses almost a full 1000 yds of fingering weight yarn and an F hook. There are gauge instructions included if you are using one cake of Whirl. The pattern has been written specifically to use one ball of self-gradating yarn, so if you are using from your stash you will need to take your yarn changes into account because those instructions are not included.

I think this pattern is great for a beginner to stretch their pattern reading muscles, as well as trying some new-to-them stitches. There are a lot of simple rows using sc, dc, chaining, and skipping, and there are a few challenging rows that will have you working in between stitches, and working in previous rows. There's certainly plenty to keep you busy, and you will have to pay close attention to your stitch counts because each row builds on the next.

For those of you more experienced crocheters out there, this should be a nice simple pattern to work up. There's lots of texture and lovely things to keep you busy. 😎 The finished size before blocking is about 27" x 27". I steam-blocked it to about a 34" x 34". This will help your pretty stitches to stand out, as well as make your baby blanket a little more "baby" sized. If you don't want to block, this will make a lovely newborn blanket. 

Scroll for more pictures. ⇓

The blanket has a frothy picot edge giving the blanket a dainty finish.

Above all...I do hope you enjoy!!

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    Gorgeous! Thank's for the inspiration and tips!


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