Saturday, August 19, 2017

An Ode to "The Perfect Companion Bag"

I was asked by Pam at to review one of her handmade project bags about a month or so ago. So, I said I would be happy to. The following is an ode to "The Perfect Companion Bag"...😎


Oh, little bag, how could I have known how perfect you would be when I agreed to test you out? With your whimsical fabric, and silk cord tie, and adorably themed buttons. You came to me perfectly packaged; You were protected in a nice thick plastic to keep the weather off of you (and that's good, because it always rains in Florida). As I got to poking around in you I discovered you were literally COVERED in pockets!! Five of them just on the outside of you...and another FOUR on the inside...that doesn't include the perfectly hidden zippered pocket on the inside. It's deeper than it looks. How did you fit so much in there??

It turned out you were WAY bigger than I expected you to be. Pam said she sent me one of the medium bags....was she right? Did she make a mistake? Actually, no....turns out the description on her website was right on with what I held in my hands. You're a medium? And you're only $36?? Handmade?? 😲

I started stuffing you with things to see what would fit. I dragged you to work. I took you everywhere with me. How would you hold up, little bag? How would you fare with the Bizzonator?? 

It's a good thing you don't care about the dust on my dashboard, little bag.

You were great with my granny square project when I had to fill you up with about 15 balls of scrap yarn in varying sizes. I was also able to keep my smaller bag with my hooks and needles in you, too. It seemed like you had no end to your ability to hold more!

Look at what we did together, bag! We made a granny square fall table runner!

Then we started on slippers. We are currently stuck on making the Simple Garter Stitch Slippers that are free on Ravelry. 

You don't quite hold a 10" pair of straight needles, but you sure do hide my dpn's nicely. It's ok little bag. I will get one of your brothers or sisters to help me out with the really tall projects. You and I will keep working on the smaller ones. 

If you have made it this far in the story, thanks for sticking around! Seriously, give Pam a visit. Bags are not her only specialty. She also happens to be one of very few US distributors who carries Scheepjes yarns (Whirl, Stonewashed, Invicta, etc), kits, and publications, as well as constantly adding to her supply of whimsical, yet practical, supplies for knitters and crocheters. She is located in Southern Wisconsin, so she's a fellow Cheesehead! 

Tah for now!

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